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Waxpol Scratch Remover Review – Tested On 8 Yrs Old Mitsubishi Cedia Sport

One of the biggest horrors for any car owner is discovering a new scratch on their beloved cars. Sometimes due to our own mistakes and sometimes due to other people’s mistakes, whatever the case may be, scratches are almost inevitable. Likewise, there are numerous scratch removal products that are available online, claiming to remove scratches of any kind from any paint ... Read More »

How to Incorporate News Literacy into Any Curriculum and Be Confident in Evaluating News Content from Any Source

Though media and information literacy have been taught in various pedagogical settings in the past, the task had mostly fallen to those whose training was directly related to it, such as librarians and professors of media literacy or mass communications. However, today, the proliferation of misinformation has forced educators in totally different fields to address news literacy themselves. Educators teaching ... Read More »

How Often Should I Get New Running Shoes?

     Though replacing running shoes twice a year is the general consensus among running enthusiasts of all ages, there is more to consider that may mean more or less frequent replacement. How many miles you run, what kind of running you do, the quality of your shoes, your weight, and your stride can all have an impact on the timing ... Read More »

How Dynamic Pricing is Disrupting Online Retail

What is Dynamic Pricing? Dynamic pricing is a strategy based on which retailers change the price of the product based on supply and demand. In order to do this, you need a large amount of information. This includes the initial conditions and the prices that competitors are charging. In addition to that, customer information is also a vital input. Customer ... Read More »

Altura Polartec Waterproof Glove review

Altura’s Polartec Waterproof Glove boasts an 8k/8k waterproof and breathability rating, and warmth provided by a Polartec Micro Grid lining to reduce the amount of bulky insulation. It has a long, snug-fitting, Velcro-adjustable cuff and a silicone palm print on the Amara material – a synthetic suede with a leathery feel – that provides the sort of grip you want ... Read More »


It is a beautiful Gudi Padwa morning- you have decorated your home entrance with colurful Rangoli, cleaned the house, made your ‘Gudi’, and you are all set to welcome the new year with uplifted spirits……Now imagine, how would it feel to go to your dressing table and find out that you have no latest Maharashtrian jewellery to go with your ... Read More »

Certified used cars on warranty- Making your life worry-free

Buying a used car certainly seems right up your alley in several scenarios, particularly when you have a need for your own four-wheeler and also when you have to stick to a certain budget. Used cars are always good options for those looking to land better brands and vehicle types within a smaller budget range while avoiding paying the multitude ... Read More »

Auto future, today

Having recently been in Maranello to see the unveiling of the new Ferrari F1 racing car, I want to return to the automotive theme for this post, because a new chapter in the ~250-year history of the automobile is coming up. It’s a biggie in itself, but there’s also a security aspect of this new chapter that’s even bigger. But I’m getting ahead ... Read More »

5 Major New Cars Releases in 2020 – Cars Waitlist

The ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic situation has resulted in adverse effects on the economic and operational fronts all across the world’s industrial sector. Several manufacturers around the world and the whole of the automotive industry are undergoing various changes. The later months of 2020 are all to date prepared to witness great releases of the automobile industry. Following is our ... Read More »

An “official” Indian vehicle!

Every time I see our Prime Minister step into or out of his Range Rover Sentinel or the Toyota Land Cruiser, I ask myself, “Is this the vehicle our PM should be travelling in? Can there not be an ‘Indian’ official vehicle?” Some will justify the need for BR-7 level armour and therefore the inability to customise any local vehicle. ... Read More »