5 Dhaba-Style Dal Recipes To Amp Up Your Dinner Spread


5 Dhaba-Style Dal Recipes To Amp Up Your Dinner Spread

A typical Indian meal consists of different items that keep changing from time to time. But in all these different recipes, a comforting bowl of dal is always present. Whether it is the yellow dal, moong dal, or even dal makhani for special occasions- without dal, our meal is just incomplete. However, since this is something we make every day and get used to it, there comes a point when you wish that your classic dal had some more flavour and richness to it. If this is something you also wish but don’t know exactly how to get those flavours, fret not, we have just what you need. Today, we bring you some delicious recipes of dhaba-style dal to amp up the taste of your meal! Check out the recipes below:

Here Are 5 Dhaba Style Dal Recipes:

1. Dal Makhani

Of course, dal makhani had to be on the top! It is one of our top recommendations. This well-known North Indian dish needs no introduction. We order this Punjabi meal every time we dine at a north Indian restaurant because it is so comforting and filling. Moreover, the ingredients used to prepare this dal – a blend of whole spices and cream – make it absolutely delicious.


2. Moong Dal Mughlai

This recipe is ideal for any day of the week. And if you’re having a party at home, this moong dal Mughlai is a simple dish to prepare. Your guests will undoubtedly enjoy the flavour!

3. Shevga Dal Masala

Shevga Dal Masala is a Maharashtrian dal recipe that is filling enough on its own to make dinner. But, keep in mind, this is no ordinary dal; it has southern spices and healthy ingredients that you would like to gorge on.

Shevga Dal Masala (Maharastrian Dal)

4. Dal Tadka

If you haven’t figured out what makes dhaba dal tadka so unique, let us reveal the secret. The tadka that you pour from the top does all the magic. So, if you’ve been trying to make dhaba-style dal tadka at home but haven’t been successful, this recipe will help you.

Punjabi Dal Tadka

5. Panchtantra Dal

A delicious and nutritious Rajasthani dal made of five lentils: moong, channa, masoor, urad, and tur or arhar, is cooked with a variety of masalas to create this yummy dal. This recipe is a must-try!

Once you try out these dhaba-style dal recipes, you can pair them with roti/naan or steamed rice! Let us know which one was your favourite.