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2016 Buick Envision Arrives in Showrooms Next Summer

DETROIT — The 2016 Buick Envision, a compact SUV built in China, will arrive at Buick dealerships next summer, following a North American debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The five-passenger Envision, which slots in between the Buick Encore and Buick Enclave, will boost Buick’sSUV portfolio. “When it goes on sale in 2016, it will play an important role ... Read More »

Man arrested at Bonds Used Cars in Norwich charged with two offences

Freya Frezgi, 24, of Rectory Field Crescent, in London, was arrested at Bonds Used Cars in Ber Street on November 26. He appeared at Norwich Magistrates’ Court via video link this morning, charged with possession, with intent to supply, of a Class A drug, and with obstructing arrest. He was remanded in custody, and is due to appear at Norwich ... Read More »

4 used-car segments with ‘interesting’ price strength

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – Midsize pickup trucks may have had the best used-vehicle price strength last month, but the more intriguing development may be among some slightly larger segments. According to a Black Book analysis, midsize pickup prices on Dec. 1 were down just 1.1 percent from where they were on Nov. 1. This movement represented the lowest month-over-month depreciation of any segment. ... Read More »

Local woman nominated three times wins new car

AMARILLO, TX – A winner has been chosen for Eurotech Automotive’s free car giveaway. Lynett Lynch was chosen from more than 300 nominees after being nominated for the giveaway by three different people. Eurotech co-owner Chris Lumpkin said after hearing her story, he knew she really deserved this. “Her husband died not too long ago, and that left her in very ... Read More »

New car sales in Estonia plummet 21% in November

The picture is distorted by the sharp jump in sales last year stemming from the change of law concerning VAT on company cars, the association of Estonian car dealers and service companies AMTEL said. In 11 months of this year 19,081 brand-new passenger cars were sold in Estonia, 4.5% fewer than during the same period a year earlier, the association said. ... Read More »

The air we deserve: Don’t just appeal, act for safer future

There is a well-known saying that “a nation gets the government it deserves”. While typically used in a derisive context, when a clearly unsuitable candidate is elected to high office (as happened in the US at the turn of the millennium), the underlying message is that when faced with an undesirable outcome, the root cause is often to be found ... Read More »

Product crack: Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan

This is a pure online term plan that only charges you for insurance. Since it doesn’t have an investment component, you don’t get any money back at the end of the policy term. WHAT DO YOU GET? There are three ways in which the sum assured or insurance benefit is tailored in this plan. The first is a lump sum ... Read More »

Effects of past US Fed interest rate increases offer guide to future risks

Fire or ice? When expansions end and the economy tips into recession, one or the other is usually to blame. In the past, the culprit has frequently been fire — an overheating economy and rising inflation — that prompted the central bank to push up interest rates until they ultimately choked off growth. Ice is more unusual, at least in ... Read More »

Skoda Superb estate: car review

“What’s the best car you’ve driven?” It’s a question I am often asked and I know the answer I am supposed to give. Something like: “Oh, that DBS from Casino Royale wasn’t too bad” or “Well, the 1956 Le Mans D-Type, now valued at £3m, was pretty cool…” And yes, these are truly extraordinary cars to drive. But they are ... Read More »

Mercedes GLS 350d 4matic (2016) review

Déjà vu? If the new Mercedes GLS looks curiously familiar, that’s because it’s not quite a brand-new car, more a comprehensive facelift of the GL-class, Merc’s enormous seven-seater SUV. The fresh three-letter name is part of Mercedes’ new-era filing system, the ‘S’ denoting that it’s the largest SUV the company makes, out-bulking the GLE, GLC, GLA and old-school G-class. So ... Read More »