Local woman nominated three times wins new car

AMARILLO, TX – A winner has been chosen for Eurotech Automotive’s free car giveaway.

Lynett Lynch was chosen from more than 300 nominees after being nominated for the giveaway by three different people.

Eurotech co-owner Chris Lumpkin said after hearing her story, he knew she really deserved this.

“Her husband died not too long ago, and that left her in very bad financial shape. She and her son were evicted from their home and they were living in a shelter downtown. She is still scraping by and she doesn’t have enough money to buy a car. She’s walking to work, walking her kid to school. She is doing all of the right stuff, she’s working really hard. She’s never asked for help from anybody, everybody has approached her to help out, so we are helping her out, too.”

Lynch was surprised Saturday with a brand new red PT Cruiser. She broke down in tears, and said she was so grateful she was at a loss for words.

Lumpkin said he narrowed the entries down to 91 nominees.

Lynch and one other person were the only ones who did not have cars.

He went out and bought another car for that second nominee. Lumpkin now wants to help fix up the cars of the other 89 nominees, and he is asking for your help.

“If you have a car that’s been sitting in your backyard for two years and doesn’t run, and we might be able to fix it, and help somebody with it…give us a call, we will do what we can.”