The Sony film company, the last quarter of 2015 after a period of 12 months at the box office is enjoying misery to enter the king&s office. Goosebumps First released this weekend, one month a little more time on Sony&s, The War Room, The Perfect Guy and Hotel Transylvania 2 &after the& box-office hit was the fourth film to be sitting on top. If Sony&s James Bond film will be released in early November, it said Spectra taken into account also happy to be finished in 2015. Halloween (Halloween), representations before entering Goosebumps horror comedy, made in its opening weekend gross of $ 23.5 million. In fact, that can demonstrate the potential was even greater success with the timing, but Hotel Transyvalni to continuing the success of the second film was hampered at the weekend box office. Box office this weekend with the 25 September demonstration entered Hotel Transylvania 2 movie passes for $ 136 million in total revenue in the US, the rest of the world also has grossed over $ 131 million. Be released since the king of the box office fell to second place in the Martian movie this weekend. With 108 million dollars Martian movie, which cost October 18 as the United States and 144 million dollars, reaching revenues in Canada, and the rest of the world, grossing $ 175 million, reaching a total of 319 million dollars in revenue. Here the United States 16-18 October 2015 weekend at the worldwide box office receipts obtained by movie companies and receipts: most-watched-movies-on-the-weekend-in-american-cinemas.jpgGoosebumps Sony, $ 23.5 million The Martian Fox, $ 21.5 million Bridge of Spies, Disney, $ 15.4 million Crimson Peak, Universal, $ 12.9 million Hotel Transylvania 2, Sony, $ 12.3 million Pan, WB, $ 5.8 million The Intern, WB, $ 4 million Sicario, LGF, $ 4.5 million in Woodlawn, PF, $ 4.1 million Maze Runner, Fox, $ 2.7 million Steve Jobs, Universal, $ 1.5 million.