Impounded Supercars That Now Lie Abandoned Across India


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Leena Maria Paul – a name you may or may not remember from a small role in the Bollywood movie – Madras Café; is said to be the ‘owner’ of all of these impounded cars! It was in the year 2013, that the Malyali actress was arrested from her Delhi farmhouse, as the lead convict in a cheating case amounting to ₹ 20 crores+. The cars were considered to be stolen by her, or then boyfriend and accomplice Chandrashekhar, and were subsequently sent to the police station where the case was filed.

Not surprisingly, the cars could never be rightfully claimed by the couple, and still lie abandoned in a sorry state!

Virat Kohli´s Audi R8


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A broker, Sagar Thakkar, bought this luxuriant drive from cricketer Virat Kohli, intending to gift it. As a result of some sketchy behaviour and a string of suspicious activities, Mumbai Police unearthed Thakkar’s call centre scam and raided his properties. It was at this time that the Audi R8 was seized by the police, and has since been lying unclaimed at Mira road police station. Even worse, the car got carried away on a flood from one end of the compound to other during monsoons one year.

Rolls Royce Ghost


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You know something’s wrong, when a first-generation, Rolls Royce Ghost is seen collecting dust! Unfortunately for the owner of this beaut, it was the non-payment of import duties that landed him in the soup, and the car in a police station!

10 Sports Cars including Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari


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If you happen to visit the Kanathur Police Station in Chennai, you might still catch a glimpse of a few of these 10 luxury sports cars! Wondering why 10 altogether? Well, apparently the group of young men who were driving this expensive fleet were pulled over by the cops for rash and negligent driving, as well as drunk driving! But none of the young drivers cooperated, nor could they show the relevant papers. As a result, all the cars were seized. While some of these could have been released, the disorderly behaviour of the owners caused a delay in the process.

Dilip Chhabria´s DC Avanti, Bentley Arnage R and Continental Flying Spur


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Credited for the launch of “DC Avanti” India’s first sports car, Dilip Chhabria of “DC” design got into trouble due to an allegation that as many as 90 DC Avanti cars were used for fraudulent financing! All of this and some other allegations regarding multiple registrations of the same cars across various states led to Chhabria’s arrest. A wide array of vehicles was impounded in the process, of which DC Avanti, Bentley Arnage R and Continental Flying Spur are the two which caught the maximum attention. Both of them now lie gathering dust in the compound of the Customs office in Mumbai!

Porsche Carrera 2 Turbo


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Known to be one of the rarest amongst supercars, this Carerra 2 Turbo, done up in Porsche´s Grand Prix white colour, is no longer in production. For all we know, it aches our heart to see this stunner covered in dust and rat footprints, waiting for its Goa-based owner to clear the impending custom duty on the car. Offered with a removable roof, this car is fondly known as Type 964.