Is This The Right Time to Buy a New Car?

Apart from the money for a new automobile, the proper moment is also critical. During the festival season or on any particular occasion, dealerships offer discounts. This delivers some comfort while purchasing a vehicle. This is a great opportunity to buy a new automobile if you’ve been thinking about it. Not only is the car offered at a low price in December, but there are also other bonuses. In this circumstance, you may be able to accomplish your desire of getting a new automobile this month.

Why do vehicle companies offer such attractive deals in December? Why is it a good idea to get a new automobile this month? What type of advantages do buyers get when they buy a new car? This news will tell you everything about car buying in the year end.

First, let’s check what each manufacturer has to offer on the automobile.

Nissan Magnite Vs Kia Sonet Vs Maruti Vitara Brezza

Maruti offers discounts on its automobiles of up to Rs 45,000, Hyundai up to Rs 50 thousand, Tata up to Rs 40 thousand, Mahindra up to Rs 65 thousand, and Renault up to Rs 1.30 lakh as part of the December deal. Apart from that, all manufacturers, such as Honda, Nissan, Datsun, and Skoda, are offering substantial discounts. There are a variety of deals available, such as cash discounts, exchange bonuses, and corporate discounts.

Why is now the best time to purchase a new vehicle?

December is the year’s last month. The calendar will then shift, which means, 2021 will come to a close and 2022 will begin. When the year comes to a close, the year in which cars are produced changes as well. For example, as soon as the year changes, the automobile that was manufactured in 2021 will be a year old. Customers who purchase a vehicle in January 2022 will not be able to purchase a production vehicle in December 2021 since it would be considered a year-old model. As a result, most automobile manufacturers pause manufacturing in December.

Tata Tiago

This year, all vehicle companies want to get rid of their old inventory. Dealers also provide excellent discounts on automobiles as a result of this. Discounts and accessories are also available, aiding you to buy a new car. The discount, however, is only available for automobiles that are currently in stock. The buyer also has fewer options when it comes to selecting a car model.

Vehicle Identification Number is set on Manufacturing Year

Maruti Baleno

Every vehicle has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that is written on it by the manufacturer. This is a form of code that may be deciphered to reveal the car’s manufacture month and year. Every vehicle has a unique VIN number that may be found near the engine or in the passenger compartment. Maruti’s VIN, for example, has 17 characters. The majority of VINs begin with the letters ‘MA3’. The tenth letter in a 17-character VIN denotes the year, while the eleventh character represents the month of manufacture.

Month Codes Month Year Codes Year
A Jan A 2010
B Feb B 2011
C Mar C 2012
D Apr D 2013
E May E 2014
F Jun F 2015
G Jul G 2016
H Aug H 2017
J Sept J 2018
K Oct K 2019
L Nov L 2020
M Dec M 2021
9 2009
8 2008
7 2007
6 2006
5 2005


For instance, if the tenth character is F, the year is 2015. August will be the month if the 11th letter is H. VIN does not contain the letters I, O, or Q. Maruti has also adopted numbers for a few years.

Cars to become expensive

From January 1, 2022, a number of firms will raise automobile costs. From Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki who make cheap hatchbacks to Mercedes-Benz and BMW who make luxury sedans, all are included. You should acquire a car this month if you find yourself in this circumstance. The rising cost of raw materials is to blame for the rise in automobile prices. Companies claim that higher prices are required to cover raw material and operating costs. However, the manufacturers have yet to reveal the proportion by which they would raise prices.

Challenge in front of companies

Because most dealerships are still unable to make the vehicles owing to a lack of chip, the dream of a car with a discount in December will be fulfilled only if the dealers have stock. As a result, the automobile waiting list has grown to 6 months. Companies with low demand for automobiles have inventory. They deliver the automobile within 7 to 10 days of making the booking. Maruti cars also have a shorter waiting time. In this instance, you may receive the greatest bargain from the dealers you know in December which will help you to buy a new car.