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Flood-hit cars invade used vehicles market

Now, it should pay to exercise extreme caution while buying used cars. According to automobile experts, touts are likely to sell cars damaged in the recent floods. There are thousands of cars in the city that have taken a battering due to the floods. There have been cases of cars being immersed in water for days on end. In such ... Read More »

Vehicle styling grows in importance for new car buyers in India

  Style maketh the man – and the car too. In the Indian new car market, research has it – for the fourth consecutive year – that  exterior styling is gaining importance in vehicle appeal, positively impacting customer satisfaction. This is among the findings of the J.D. Power 2015 India Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study which was released ... Read More »

Amanda Steele Got A New Car For Christmas

There’s nothing like getting a brand new car around Christmas — and Amanda Steele is one of those lucky people! “AMANDA BUYS HER FIRST CAR OMG,” the 16-year-old YouTube star captioned with a pic on Instagram of her and her brand new SUV, straight off the lot. We were expecting to see a giant red bow — but Mandy actually ... Read More »

Effective railway systems for India’s growing future

In the next five years, Indian railway market will be the 3rd largest, accounting to 10% of the global market and Metro rail is going to be 70% of the railway market in India. Japanese major Toshiba is keen to tap the opportunity. In India, due to increasing population and economic expansion, the electricity demand and supply balance is skewed. ... Read More »

Specialised Fuel to Power Future Deep Space Missions

Researchers from US Department of Energy (DOE) have completed the production of a specialised fuel to power future deep space missions. The production of 50 grams of plutonium-238 – roughly the mass of a golf ball — marks the first demonstration in the US since the Savannah River Plant in South Carolina ceased production in the late 1980s, Nasa said. ... Read More »

Renault Megane GT (2016) review – Renaultsport junior?

The third generation Renault Megane is being shuffled off to the retirement home many thought it had been ensconced in for years, to be replaced in 2016 by an all-new model, the launch ambitiously heralded with a Renaultsport-developed 202bhp GT five door hatch to prove the range’s dynamic, sexier credentials. So what’s new about the Renault Megane GT? Well, there ... Read More »

Small SUV car reviews: Renault Kadjar, Nissan Qashaqi and Peugeot 3008 crossovers cross-examined

Nissan gave up on traditional hatchbacks and saloons when it lauched the Qashqai almost ten years ago. A brave move, and one that gave it the smash-hit SUV that’s come to define the crossover market. Renault thinks it’s found a way to steal the Qashqai’s thunder, though. In fact, the Kadjar has most of the same chassis and engines as ... Read More »

Gravel, Adventure Bikes, Endurance-Road… Stop The Madness, They’re All The Same

A dirty (and widely-known) secret: The cycling industry creates new categories to sell more bikes. We see models labeled as gravel bikes, adventure bikes, endurance-road bikes, touring, cyclocross, and on and on. Technically, these categories are different, but not enough that it matters to most riders. The biggest differences are in the marketing. These similar machines trade out parts and tweak ... Read More »

Best fat bikes of 2015

Despite being a relatively young cycling niche, fat bikes have already sprouted several evolutionary branches. We tested six of the best fat bikes on the market from across these burgeoning sub-categories to bring you the best fat bikes of 2015. But before we jump into the details, here’s a rundown of the current state of the fat bike market to ... Read More »

Personal Loan Calculator

Ford Motor Company has teamed up with Revell to offer up free Ford GT supercar model kits to kids at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit’s Cobo Hall – marking the third straight year where little gearheads can score a free toy from Ford. Ford Motor Company routinely has one of the more impressive displays at the ... Read More »