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Hyundai India to launch a new car every year till 2020, each with INR 1,000 cr investment

Hyundai India has been growing steadily since its inception in 1997 but the progress during the past few years had been faster than before. The extremely impressive success enjoyed by the Creta further boosted the South Korean automaker’s confidence in the market. The Hindu BusinessLine reports that Hyundai India is gearing up to launch at least one new or refurbished ... Read More »

Delhi-Meerut Expressway will pave way for pollution-free future, says PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday arrived in Noida to lay the foundation stone of Delhi-Meerut Expressway project.  The massive infrastructure project will cost around Rs 7,600 crore and is estimated to be completed within three years. The road from the Nizamuddin Bridge in Delhi to Dasna in Uttar Pradesh will be a 14-lane highway. Here are the LIVE updates: ... Read More »

Here’s one of the most interesting predictions for the future of bitcoin

What’s next for bitcoin? 2015 has seen the digital currency’s volatility stabilise and price jump, but it has also seen much of the hype dissipate. And there’s been a divergence between bitcoin and the technology that underpins it – blockchain. Blockchain, which uses complex cryptography to regulate and record transactions, is in the ascendancy, with millions of dollars flowing into ... Read More »

The Tesla Model S P85 Is Regular Car Reviews’ New Benchmark To Beat

The Tesla Model S P85 is simply the best car Regular Car Reviews has driven so far this side of a mysterious Volkswagen we all know doesn’t really exist. Too bad the Tesla is not a regular car. Romeo and Juliet should have had sex in a Tesla Model S. Not necessarily with each other. After that, they should have ... Read More »

MG6 DTi (2015) review

In giving the MG6 a rare positive review back in July 2013 we warned readers to ‘dismiss it at your peril’. Clearly, you’re not averse to a bit of peril, as all of you, plus nearly everybody else, duly dismissed it. Undaunted, and buoyed by the much better-received MG3 model, MG6 bounces back with an aggressive price cut, a redesigned ... Read More »

DSK Benelli TNT 300 Review

The entry-level performance bike segment is booming. It’s the first stepping stone into the world of performance motorcycles. So, young riders and enthusiasts looking to upgrade from a premium 150cc motorcycle, naturally look at this class of motorcycles as the next big upgrade. Even for others, the so-called ‘born-again bikers’ who want to get back into motorcycling after a break, ... Read More »

Review: Rauler Classic Lugged

I suppose the typical bike reviewer thing to do when writing up the Rauler Classic Lugged steel bike would be to exclaim, “OMFG! Steel is reeeeal!” But I already know steel is… steel. Bikes I’ve owned include a 1980 Motobecane Team Champion (I stupidly traded it for skis 25 years ago), and a Waterford R-22 (currently in my brother’s possession). ... Read More »


Every auto show has its flavor. Detroit likes to showcase American manufacturing with lots of trucks and SUVs; Tokyo delivers tiny city cars with futuristic designs. Los Angeles as a city blends sunshine and a history of automotive obsessions, and manufacturers are happy to oblige by bringing drop-tops to the annual November show. This year, the convertibles took a nostalgic ... Read More »

2015 L.A. Auto Show: Coverage of Every Debut, News, Photos, and More

When Mazda debuted the surprisingly lightweight fourth-generation MX-5 Miata, it detailed an obsessive campaign to cut needless mass in the tiny sports car. We won’t go into all of those measures here but for one of our favorites: the 2016 Miata’s pared-back, clipped corners. Essentially, Mazda lopped the corners off of the car because corners are useless and detract from ... Read More »

Buying used: Car of the Year winners from 2015

What Car? will be hosting the Car of the Year Awards 2016 in early January. Before then, it’s worth taking a look back at 2015’s winners to see how they’re faring on the used market. You could pick up an award-winning car at a great price. Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI 90 SE – Car of the Year 2015 The Skoda ... Read More »