Bike Reviews

2015 Mahindra Mojo Review

When you name a bike Mojo, you better make sure it lives up to its name or else you are asking for not so happy headlines hitting the press or social media. Well that they should be justified in doing so considering the long period of development, Mahindra Two Wheelers has taken to make sure the Mojo is 100 per ... Read More »

Hardcore Handsome: ‘Recon Mixed’ Bike Shoe Review

Buffed faux-leather and shoelaces distinguish the Recon Mixed bike shoes, conjuring up old-school aesthetics that existed before the days of Velcro and carbon-fiber soles. But hidden in the design of this high-end cycling footwear are new technologies giving a rider versatility and performance with a refined look. Made for mountain bikers as well as chameleons who also roll on pavement ... Read More »

The Process: 2016 Bible of Bike Tests

For the seventh year running, Bike’s editorial staff and a dedicated crew of core contributors has converged on another of North America’s finest riding destinations to test the upcoming year’s most promising bikes, components and soft goods. This project—known as The Bible of Bike Tests—usually spans much of October and involves more than 15 people to test gear, photograph and ... Read More »

Review: Magnic Light iC combines best features of battery and dynamo bike lights

When it comes to power for bike lights, there are two main options: batteries that have to be charged/replaced, and dynamos. The latter either push against the side of the tire, have to be pre-built into one of the hubs, or require magnets to be mounted on the wheel – in all cases, dynamos also create a slight braking effect ... Read More »

Tested: Speedplay’s Impressive Syzr Pedal

Not much has changed with clipless mountain bike pedals over the last 20 years—and that’s not an exaggeration. Most are still based on variations of Shimano’s SPD or Time’s ATAC system. Shimano’s pedals grab a steel cleat with a spring-loaded jaw; Time’s use wire bails that hook over bronze cleats. The new Speedplay Syzr looks a lot like the original ... Read More »

Tested: The Simple, Super-Fun Charge Cooker

You might not be familiar with UK-based cycling brand Charge, and you’re not alone. Charge’s bicycles have historically only been available to US cyclists through Performance bike shops, but starting this fall, expect to see them everywhere: They will be available through Cannondale dealers because the bike brands are owned by the same company, Dorel Industries. Based on our experience ... Read More »

DJI Osmo review: A hand-held stabilized camera worthy of its price

Thanks to the rise of small action cameras, camera stabilizers (aka gimbals) are becoming more portable than ever. Amazon has plenty of these coming from random Chinese brands, but most are either poorly designed, or only a partial solution to your problem. For instance, they often lack a handset mount for those who need a live screen. There are also ... Read More »

Man, 81, bikes from CA to FL with wife following

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WFLA) – An 81-year-old man left San Diego on a bicycle to see if he could make it to Florida and to raise money on the way. His wife followed him in an RV. Tom Cawood and his wife left California six weeks ago. The couple is nearing the end of their 3,000-mile journey. They are paying all ... Read More »

Yamaha’s Motobot wants to beat Rossi

The Tokyo Motor Show always features quirky things on four- and two-wheels from Japan, but Yamaha’s Motobot is in a league of its own. So, just what is it? Well, we are trying to figure that out, but essentially, it’s like a robot that’s learning to ride. And, the motorcycle that it’s trying to ride is Yam’s latest R1M. Yamaha ... Read More »

Bajaj launches new Avengers

Avoiding any silly Marvel references, let’s cut to the chase: Bajaj has rolled out three ‘new’ Avengers, but they’re not 100 per cent new. More like 11 per cent new. There’s the shiny, chrome-laden 220 Cruise, which, says Bajaj, gets a new handlebar, new radiator, and a new silencer. There’s new stickers, the seat is a bit cushier and you ... Read More »