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Mahindra Mojo Review

In 2015, how should one approach a product, which was first showcased in 2010? Should we consider it as a new product, or a product which is five years old, but is being launched for today’s generation? That was one of the many questions which was going through our mind when we were on our way to Bengaluru, to test ... Read More »

Garmin Edge 25 bike computer£140.00

In the space of just a few years, GPS-enabled cycle computers have all but taken over from traditional units thanks to ever more competitive pricing, and the wealth of data gathering technology on offer. Helped by the rise and rise of Strava, Garmin has ridden the crest of the wave, offering devices to suit a range of budgets and needs. ... Read More »

Kitchen gadgets review: Handpresso Wild – a coffee-dispensing bike pump

What? The Handpresso Wild is a portable pump and percolation baton. Air manually pressurised at one end drives hot water through coffee grounds at the other. Why? Whether camping on the beach or living out of the back of your car, you can still get jacked up on quality joe. Well? Espresso is a drink for the driven. People who ... Read More »

Review: Driveclub Bikes

First things first: whoever was dumb enough to call this Driveclub Bikes instead of Rideclub really missed an opportunity here. This standalone(ish) expansion on top of the existing Driveclub is for one very specific set of gamers. That being, those people still playing… who also like motorcycle racing. Driveclub Bikes changes nothing about the experience of the original. Clubs are still ever present, as are events, ... Read More »

First Ride: Cervélo’s First-Ever Endurance Road Bike

About 50 miles into a 75-mile test ride on Cervélo’s new C5, I started falling apart. I had just returned to riding a little less than one week before, after a debilitating illness forced me off the bike for nine days. Some might say it was not an ideal situation for bike testing but I’d say that the chance to ... Read More »

First ride: Cannondale Slate

MALIBU, California — It’s exciting to ride what the pros ride, to throw a leg over a bike made to go as fast as possible. But realistically, that bike isn’t made for the everyday Joe who won’t toe the Tour start line anytime soon (or ever, actually). Cannondale believes that we will be much happier — and therefore more excited to get out ... Read More » – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

In the land of cruisers, bigger truly is better. Two years ago, Yamaha introduced its Road Star, featuring a 98 cubic inch (1600cc) v-twin with 99 foot pounds of torque arriving at 2250 rpm at the crank. The Road Star is the torque king of production v-twins, and features the largest displacement production cruiser engine at this point. With a ... Read More »

Scantily Clad Models Are Still the Driving Force Behind Car Shows in China

Chinese car show models appear to be faring well in the business despite the ban on models at auto shows in Shanghai earlier this year. The new regulations had stirred up quite a commotion in China when models dressed as beggars took to the streets to protest. Auto Shanghai had banned models from their showroom for “distracting” guests from the ... Read More »


Sure, there’s plenty more cyclocross racing on the horizon with the 2016 Cyclocross National Championships and of course the World Championships at the end of January 2016. But the end of the calendar year has us thinking back over the last 12 months and reflecting on those moments that had the cyclocross community talking. Here, we look back over some ... Read More »

DSK Benelli TNT 300 Review

The entry-level performance bike segment is booming. It’s the first stepping stone into the world of performance motorcycles. So, young riders and enthusiasts looking to upgrade from a premium 150cc motorcycle, naturally look at this class of motorcycles as the next big upgrade. Even for others, the so-called ‘born-again bikers’ who want to get back into motorcycling after a break, ... Read More »