Volkswagen Polo deliveries on hold in India

Volkswagen India has stopped deliveries of its Polo hatchback in India with immediate effect. The company, in an official statement has said that it is due to a technical reason which is currently under evaluation. The car-maker also said that it is for a limited number of cars out of a specific production period and for some variants. Also deliveries for the non-impacted Polo range continues as per schedule. Volkswagen India has made it clear though that this is not related to the global EA 189 diesel engine issue where Volkswagen Auto Group (Volkswagen AG) has admitted to cheating on diesel emissions regulations affecting many of its diesel engined cars sold globally.

While the details are not clear as to why deliveries of the Polo in India have been stopped and what is the issue, Volkswagen has said that more information about this would be provided soon. So in the coming days we might know if Volkswagen also recalls any Polo cars over this technical issue. The other cars in the Volkswagen India range including the Vento and Jetta have also not been affected though also again its not clear whether this is an engine related issue or something else plus if even the Polo GT range of cars are affected..