Top Automobile Influencers in India – 2021 Edition

The internet carries a wide range of information for us, and it is amazing how we are so addicted to consuming information at our fingertips. Anything and everything we do today is connected to the web and all our decisions are highly impacted by it. For example, a simple decision of buying a car today is taken after lots of research, which is done online. In India, people love talking and discussing about automobiles in detail. There are plenty of automobile enthusiasts who share valuable information in the form of blogs. Below is a list of the best automobile blogs in India and here is a link to our Influencer Marketing Guide.

MotorOctane from Mumbai is one of the one stop places for all the news, views and reviews from the automotive industry across India. Mainly focused over car and bike enthusiasts- whether they are considering a new purchase or just wanting to stay ahead of the new industry Launches and even detailed information about the Upcoming unveilings too. Being a Group of 7 Motor & Bike Enthusiasts who love writing about their interests on automobiles, their blogs provide comparison between competitor models of the same category and specs and convince people to go for the bestselling model. A Nice and Clean Interface for navigation, and also Videos is an added advantage for viewers to have a closer look.



Car Blog India

CarBlogIndia is one of the fastest growing automobile information websitesfrom Delhi and ranks among top 3 automobile news websites in India as per the readership statistics. The blog covers cars and motorcycles news, reviews, features &comparison from across Indian automobile market. A team of passionate automotive enthusiasts who thrive to bring the latest information to you runs the blog.

Car Blog India (

India Car News is a portal totally dedicated towards gathering the most unbiased and reliable information about Indian automotive market. It was founded in the year 2013 with a goal to create a corner where car and bike enthusiasts can obtain all kind of automobile apprises in simplest and quickest manner. Apart from updates, the portal also brings you newest car and bike reviews, buying recommendations, similarities, scoops, FAQs, etc. Providing high quality images and up to date information on the new launches, they are currently working on expanding their perspective to include all different paradigms that establish the world of auto news.

India Car News(


AutoCar India 

The Name says it all, being one of the Most –Selling Automobile Magazines around the world, the Indian iteration of their Business is all about trending Car & Bike related material represented by their very own imagery of the vehicles to give a classic view of the cars and bikes as like featured in their magazines. As their tagline says “The Best Car News & Reviews”, they relatively compare the different iterations by year of a car or bike model and detail the major or minor differences which have been changed, let it be performance or even cosmetic changes too. Having a clean Sections of navigations, and a intuitive gallery of self-produced images of the vehicles featured provides a new perspective for the look and feel of cars and bikes.

AutoCar India (


Indian Autos Blog 

Provider of global auto News,Rumors, Scoops, spy shots and renders with emphasis on the Indian auto market, Indian Autos Blog has a cool looking logo to start with, giving motor enthusiasts a glimpse of the Recent Launches as soon as you land on their page since they have a tiled structure for all the articles throughout the page. Providing more than a year ahead in production of the automobile industry advancements and also giving a sneak peak of vehicles which are being spotted testing in real life scenarios, where they give credits to the large user base who contribute images and spy shots of cars & bike before they could even hit the market while under their testing phase.

Indian Autos Blog (



AutoX,an online Access driven by obsessive motoring junkies since September 2006, is one the fastest growing automotive lifestyle publication & portal in India’s Automobile industry. Their reviews meet the highest standards of quality & integrity, and are fortunate that readers rate the quality of their content among the finest in the motoring world globally.Through our comprehensive examinations and unique features, we strive to put our readers in the driver’s seat of the most exciting industry in the country. Having a Interface as equal as AutoCar India, even they incorporate self-produced images for their articles. Everything they do is driven by their Motto: Heart. Soul.Passion.Emotion.

AutoX (



This blog is for anyone and everyone who loves bikes. Showcasing Indian Bike Motoring, as it deserves to be showcased around the world! “More intensity, More speed, MORE POWER. POWER as never seen before.” is their Tagline.  Providing the “Best” videos of each and every model in their own detailed reviews on their YouTubeChannel, PowerDrift gives all the information a motorbike freak would require in a single video, let it be from cool test drives to providing in-depth Specifications of the Vehicle, all details are crisp and up to the point, which gives motorists the confidence to choose their right bike or car according to their comfort. One of the coolest feature in their videos are the Presenters who show the bike in funny yet useful ways and even showcasing stunts and more cool riding habits which gives the users the urge to try out the bikes featured in their page.

PowerDrift indiaPowerdrift


xBhp, is India’s largest & most popular motorcycling platform since 2002. xBhp is “xtra braking horse power. Being India’s most popular motorcycling group, portal and now a magazine (since Oct 2010) committed to promote biking as a positive sport in India. Their page Is all about Bikes and More Bikes! With Partners like Castrol and CEAT, they have cool merchandise and gears for the motorists who are enrolled in their page other than just Bike reviews and features.