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Review: Mercedes-Benz A-Class Facelift

Yes I have driven the ‘new’ A-Class. A facelift is essentially carried out to add a little spark or bring back the charm to an existing model offering. The updated Mercedes-Benz A-Class does that for sure, because it makes the car look instantly sporty – and yet remains instantly recognizable. And that is in keeping with the facelifts we see ... Read More »

Mahindra XUV500 Automatic Review

I know why I was fascinated by the TV series ‘Giant Robot’; well, it was a machine that was controlled by a boy which saved the world and frankly the world thought that the boy was the hero. Who didn’t want to be one at that age? But things moved on swiftly and the controls began to be thrown out ... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe 450 AMG Review

  Mercedes-Benz lopped off the rear of its ML-Class when it rebadged the facelift to the GLE and the GLE Coupé was born. And like it or not, thanks to the BMW X6, we already know the SUV Coupé is here to stay. The BMW X4 and X6 do swift business, and Mercedes-Benz is looking to capture that with the ... Read More »

2016 TVS Victor Review

TVS Victor – the name ring a bell? The Victor was the flag bearer of the Hosur-based two wheeler manufacturer’s commuter motorcycle line-up a decade ago. The old TVS Victor, when launched in 2001, did almost the unthinkable for TVS Motor Company. A refined, yet frugal engine, as well as comfortable ergonomics and good ride quality made the TVS Victor ... Read More »

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Review

TVS Motor Company’s Apache series held its ground in the performance-oriented 150-180cc bike segment in India for a while now. The latest addition to the Apache line-up here, the new TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, aims to further fortify the company’s performance products in addition to taking the performance pedigree of the Apache series a notch higher for TVS. The ... Read More »

Mahindra KUV100 Review

Mahindra KUV100, which has been launched in India at 4.42 lakh (ex-showroom, Pune), is a name (that like its stable-mates the TUV300 and XUV500) will take quite a lot of getting used to. The KUV nomenclature comes from Cool Utility Vehicle (yes cool with a k!) and is in line with Mahindra’s obsession of forcing alphanumeric names down our throats, ... Read More »

2016 Ford Endeavour Review

The very first Ford Endeavour we got in 2003 was everything the market lacked – a big old pickup truck style SUV. Traditional and all American – the car stood out and stood tall in the meagre SUV category at the time. By the very long time it’s taken Ford to bring a new generation the entire picture has altered. ... Read More »

Review: Driveclub Bikes

First things first: whoever was dumb enough to call this Driveclub Bikes instead of Rideclub really missed an opportunity here. This standalone(ish) expansion on top of the existing Driveclub is for one very specific set of gamers. That being, those people still playing… who also like motorcycle racing. Driveclub Bikes changes nothing about the experience of the original. Clubs are still ever present, as are events, ... Read More »

Festka Doppler review

Festka likes to think differently. That much is clear from the outlandish paintjobs on some of its bikes, with striking cubist motifs and loud colour contrasts that will leave you either shielding your eyes or reaching for your wallet. With the Doppler, however, Festka has shown that the brand’s innovation penetrates deeper than the lacquer. The Czech outfit has used ... Read More »

Maruti Baleno review, test drive

The Baleno is Maruti’s all-new premium hatchback. Name apart, it has nothing in common with Maruti’s mid-size sedan from a decade ago. What this is, is a hatchback that’s half a size larger than the Swift and one that’s correspondingly, a more direct competitor for the Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz. At 3995mm long and 1745mm wide, the Baleno is ... Read More »