Proposed new car park orders to cover charging points


Orkney Islands Council is looking at introducing two new car park orders to cater for electric vehicle charging points.

The authority owns 16  electric vehicle (EV) charging points in Orkney, which are free to use while car owners are charging their vehicles.

carparkBut because the charging points are new additions to car parks, the OIC needs to introduce a car parking order to ensure that the designated spaces are being used properly.  This includes ensuring that EV drivers are only using these spaces when they are charging their cars up, not as a parking space.

The OIC’s head of roads and environmental services, Darren Richardson, explained: “As a council, we’re committed to encouraging the use of renewable and sustainable energies in a variety of different ways.  There’s been a marked increase in the use of electric vehicles in the county – we ourselves own a number of EVs, including the vehicle that our car-parking attendants use.

“We’re pleased that, through funding from Transport Scotland, we’ve been able to provide such a significant number of charging points and that, for the time being, we can provide this for free.

“However, with any new addition we have to ensure that the service is being used properly.  There has been some confusion among vehicle owners as to when and how these spaces can be used and therefore we just need to tighten up on some of the regulations.”

EV charging points are found in car parks at Great Western Road (South), the East Kirk, the Picky Centre and St Rognvald House in Kirkwall, Ferry Road and the Old Academy in Stromness, Dounby Primary School,  Braeburn Court in St Margaret’s Hope and the Houton Ferry Terminal in Orphir.