Phantom 2.0 Revises Aesthetics


Rolls-Royce Phantom is likely to come as a complete makeover, breaking the custom, after 10 years. If an Automobile Magazine is to be believed the re-engineered Phantom will have a ‘more modern’ and sleek appearance with a taller grille and informal C-pillars.

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These modifications are  notable because this model Phantom has been the same for almost a decade though a slight submissive update with a more edgy front was done few years ago.

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Rolls Royce Phantom

The car is anticipated to be offered in standard model along with long wheelbase model which is more popular in China. The only apparent drawback with the new Phantom could be that the newer version might not be available in the Coupe and Convertible versions like today. But that does not seem to make a significant difference as the Wraith and Dawn cater to these specified clientele already.

Automobile is expected to use the same aluminum platform that is being used in the upcoming Cullinan crossover and this model is also pegged to employ a BMW-sourced V12 engine. Besides this, Rolls Royce, following their tradition, are tight lipped about other details regarding the vehicle including price. But with the authenticity and class promised by Phantom, petrolheads can expect it to be more costlier and more luxurious. This car with makeover is expected to be launched by next year.