New bikes in India for 2016 from Bajaj Auto

2015 was a very good year for the motorcycle industry in India, and now it is time to see what this year will bring. People will now be on the hunt for new bikes in India for 2016, and we already know that Bajaj Auto will be adding three new models to the line.

The company is to launch a new model for each of its verticals, which are Entry, Executive and Sports. Not much has been shared as to what these new Bajaj Auto bike models are, but we do know that each will bring something very special to each variant.

New bikes in India for 2016

Car and Bike have said that there is to also become a new executive segment, and so we will see an all-new product line for the Indian market. This is to target the more mature audience. As for their Sport segment, this is very likely to be the new Pulsar CS 400, although there is also the possibility that the RS 400 could be that new model.

As for the new Entry level model, this is very likely to be a revised version of the CT 100, which is expected to come with increased power.

It’s very annoying that we don’t really have more information on these new Bajaj Auto bikes, but once we know more we will share that information with you.