How the RV Market Is Changing

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As travel changes, so too is the RV, caravans, and motorhome market, and it is important to keep abreast with these changes in line with the increase in the number of people visiting local travel destinations. Domestic tourism is at an all-time high, and to enjoy these experiences, an RV or motorhome may be the way to go. Being aware of the changes in the market will thus allow you to participate in what is now the biggest tourism trend in the country.

More buyers

One of the most significant changes in the motorhome market is the fact that demand is peaking. This is a trend that has gone global, and across Europe and the US, the growth in RVs and motorhome sales is booming. What was initially a niche market looks to be moving mainstream, and more families and younger people are looking at the road trip as the chosen means of going on holiday. This will have an impact on the prices, and if you are on the hunt for a vehicle, be aware of this and do your research to be able to determine value. Just being aware that we are in a sellers’ market will mean that you will be able to understand pricing and negotiate effectively.

Greener vehicles

Travelers’ needs are changing, and more long road trippers now realize the damage done to the environment by older, less environmentally-friendly vehicles. This means that there is now a wide choice of electric vehicles as well as hybrid vehicles that have sufficient pulling power. Gone are the days where we were convinced that the motorhome needed a big diesel engine to be able to pull the holiday house; the VW ID Buzz and the Tribird Electric camper van are just two such vehicles on the market that should make your top ten depending on the space you need.

Better Finance

As the motor home and RV market expands to keep up with the noted demand, there has been an increase in the RV/campervan-specific finance. You will need to look for a professional company with a reputation in the sector, who will now readily fund this leisure vehicle sector such as, which would also be a great place to start your research.

Adventure and off the grid camping

This has necessitated the development of off-road campers and RVs that have off-grid capabilities, solar water tanks and filters to reuse water, as well as reserve fuel tanks and additional batteries, which have all been developed in the last few years to meet this demand. If there’s somewhere that you want to go, then it is likely that there is an RV that can get you there.

As the RV market changes and grows, so too will the choices and prices for what’s available. If a road trip is on your horizon, then it will be vital to keep in the know. Don’t let this be a rushed decision; plan your purchase and do all the reading you can in this regard.