7 Things A Beginner in Rummy Card Games Can Never Know

The Indian Rummy card games are very popular among card players. This is because it is a skills game that can be learnt easily. The rummy card games used to be played frequently during social gatherings in the past. Now, the online rummy gaming apps are catching up. If you are still a new gamer in rummy card games, here are 7 things you will not know:

The True Value of Joker in Rummy

Joker in rummy card games is similar to wild cards in Uno. It is of great importance as a game saver. There are many ways in which jokers can be useful in rummy card games. There are joker cards in each deck used as jokers in rummy games. Apart from these, the blank cards may also be used as jokers by some. The player next to the dealer pulls a random card from the deck to play the role of a joker in rummy games. These jokers can be used to complete any sequence except the pure (natural) sequence. These jokers may also be used to complete melds in rummy games. Last but not the least, jokers can come handy in reducing the total points in your hands.

The Importance of Life in Rummy

Life is the minimum arrangement of cards in rummy games up to which a player’s hand is regarded as a full hand in rummy. This is the reason why completing life is the first priority in the minds of all expert rummy gamers. They understand how they may lose more points if they do not complete life soon. This is something a new rummy gamer won’t know. He may lose a few games before he understands the true importance of life in rummy.

The Need to Observe Opponent Moves

A good player of rummy is a keen observer of the opponent moves. He knows that focusing on just his own hand is not going to help him win rummy card games. He knows that observing opponent moves may provide hints into different rummy strategies that he may not have considered before. This is something a new rummy gamer will take time to understand.

The Right Time to Choose First Drop

If a player of rummy games has a poor hand, he may consider quitting the game right at the start. This is referred to as first drop. It requires a good level of expertise to understand whether the hand is good or bad. That is why a new player may fail to understand the right time to choose first drop. Playing a few rummy games will help him understand whether to play or not when a hand is bad.

The Right Time to Choose Second Drop

Any time after the first move in rummy is played, if a player quits then it is called second drop. The points charged for second drop are double the points charged for first drop. A player chooses second drop only when he feels the opponent may win before he completes his life. This is a great strategy to save points. A new player won’t understand the intricacies of the game and will fail to make such a strategic move. He may end up with a full hand rather than choosing second drop at the right time.

The Need to Keep Track of Points

There are several different variations in rummy card games. In all the series card games of rummy, the winner is decided at the end of the series. That is why a player must keep track of points in each round. He needs to be wise with his game moves to ensure minimum loss of points. This is something that a new player may take some time to grasp.

The Meaning of Different Opponent Moves

A good player knows what to make of opponent moves. Every move of the opponent gives a hint about the hand the opponent is holding. It requires a good deal of practice to decipher the meaning. For instance, if the opponent disposes low point cards, it could imply that his hand is close to completion. If the opponent disposes a joker, it could imply that he is having difficulty completing the pure (natural) sequence. A beginner will never understand these facts about rummy card games.

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