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Amanda Steele Got A New Car For Christmas

There’s nothing like getting a brand new car around Christmas — and Amanda Steele is one of those lucky people! “AMANDA BUYS HER FIRST CAR OMG,” the 16-year-old YouTube star captioned with a pic on Instagram of her and her brand new SUV, straight off the lot. We were expecting to see a giant red bow — but Mandy actually ... Read More »

Vehicle styling grows in importance for new car buyers in India

Style maketh the man – and the car too. In the Indian new car market, research has it – for the fourth consecutive year – that  exterior styling is gaining importance in vehicle appeal, positively impacting customer satisfaction. This is among the findings of the J.D. Power 2015 India Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study which was released today. ... Read More »

Cars to look forward to at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo

NEW DELHI: With the year drawing to a close and 2016 just around the corner, the stage is set for the upcoming edition of the much-awaitedDelhi Auto Expo. To be organised between February 5 and 9 next year, the 13th edition of the automobile extravaganza will showcase a plethora of new offerings by automakers from across the globe. Here, we ... Read More »

Henrik Fisker to unveil new car at Detroit Motor Show

The Force 1 (and yes, ‘The’ is capitalised) will be a totally different proposition to the Karma. Details are thin on the ground, but while the Karma used a 2.0-litre petrol engine as a generator for electric motors, The Force 1’s engine will directly drive its wheels – and Fisker says it’s going to be the most powerful naturally aspirated ... Read More »


SOME PEOPLE DON’T BOTHER, BUT TEST DRIVING ANY PROSPECTIVE NEW CAR PURCHASE IS VITAL. HERE ARE A FEW TIPS ON HOW TO TEST DRIVE A NEW CAR. IT IS A CONSTANT SOURCE of amazement that people continue to buy cars without properly test driving them first. Some people are silly enough not to test drive their intended purchase at all! ... Read More »

The Best Deals On The Best Days Of The Year To Buy A New Car

While Black Friday weekend may get all the attention for being a bargain shopper’s Shangri-La, the days ahead are widely held to be the best in the year to buy a new car. Manufacturer’s year-end promotions are in full swing, and car dealers are eager to cut deals and clear their stocks, especially on slow-selling models and last year’s leftover inventory, to end 2015 on ... Read More »

Odd-even rule: To select your new car number, gear up to shell out Rs 20,000 at e-auction

New Delhi: Car owners looking to purchase an additional vehicle to get around the Delhi government’s odd-even rule will have to pay at least Rs 20,000 to pick a specific number. With the state recently joining the Vahan initiative, dealers no longer have a list of numbers that buyers can choose from. Instead they will need to participate in an ... Read More »

Glass’s foreasts 3% rise in new car registrations in 2016

Glass’s is forecasting that new car sales in 2016 will increase by 3% over 2015. “Employment levels will continue to increase through 2016 and into future years, personal disposable income is also set to increase and the house price Index is gently increasing too. Combined with a steady currency rate against the Euro and the Dollar for the next 12 ... Read More »

Faraday Future, a new electric car company, opens $1bn. factory in Nevada

Electric cars have fallen short of President Obama’s stated goal of having 1 million such vehicles on the road by 2015. We’re almost in 2016 and there are no more than 35,000 in the country so far. But the market is changing. EVs have become a lot more attractive – the cost is down, the mileage is up and, among ... Read More »

Tesla Model S ‘New Car Smell’ Leather Covers With RFID Protection

Tesla Motors is committed to the use of renewable energy with its Tesla Model electric cars and home solar batteries. As 9to5Mac reports, Tesla is minimizing waste with its new line of iPhone 6 accessories made from leftover automotive-grade leather. Just in time for the mid-holiday shopping season rush, Tesla unveils specially designed premium leather cases and wallet cases for the ... Read More »