Blac Chyna Tortured By Tyga & Kylie Jenner Reunion: Hurts Romance With Future


Blac Chyna is just like the rest of us, as her head is spinning with Tyga and Kylie Jenner intensely breaking up then suddenly making up. But for her, it’s also hurting her romance possibilities with Future! has the EXCLUSIVE details.

Blac Chyna, 27, is trying to wrap her head around all the drama between her ex Tyga, 26, and his on-again girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 18. In a matter of days the reality star went from wanting nothing to do with the rapper, to being totally head over heels in love again. Now Blac is hurt all over again after Tyga used her as a shoulder to cry on after the breakup, and it’s affecting her burgeoning romance with Future, 32! . has the EXCLUSIVE details on how hurt Blac is.

Blac Chyna Future Relationship

“This on and off thing Tyga has with Kylie is tugging at Blac’s heart. She’s doesn’t want to be the person Tyga runs to when he breaks up with Kylie again. It’s just too much for Blac to bear. She really wants to move on fully with Future but she’s still attached and emotionally connected to Tyga,” our source tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY.

As we EXCLUSIVELY told you prior to Tyga’s breakup and makeup, “Since Future‘s come into the picture, she’s been head over heels for him. The idea of she and Tyga is just that – an idea. A fantasy. She’s has something tangible with Future,” but Tyga gave Blac false hope when turned to her in his despair over losing Kylie and she gave him comfort.

He called her up, poured his heart out to her, and begged her for more time with their son King Cairo, 3, to help him ease the pain of losing Kylie. Blac was ecstatic with the news the pair were no longer together and always believed the coupel was doomed from the start. So naturally it has to be painful for her to see how quickly they got back together. But hey, with a guy like Future in the picture, it’s time to stop thinking about Tyga. Click here to check out Tyga’s collaboration withChris Brown “Fan of a Fan The Album.”