Bike Unchained guide – Tips and tricks to help you build an unbeatable team


Bike Unchained has you traverse three of the world’s most breathtaking mountains – Whistler, the Alps, and Japan – to take on a variety of different thrilling events.

These require you to jump off ramps, perform tricks, and go really, really fast, rewarding you with experience, gold, and upgrades for your racers and their bikes for successfully completing them.

Oh yeah, you’ll need to build your own team of expert racers to take on each different event. You’ll need trick, endurance, and speed masters kitted out with the best gear if you fancy taking on the most difficult ones though.

To help you in this endevour, we at 148Appshave played a ton ofBike Unchainedsince it was unleashed on the App Store masses to bring you this list of tips and tricks to help you build an unbeatable team.


Master the controls

Your first step towards bike supremacy should be to master the controls. Yes, they’re simple and only require a tap or swipe but there’s a surprising amount of depth hiding beneath the hood.

You tap the right hand side of the screen to cycle, hold it to gain speed, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to prevent yourself from lifting off into orbit when you go up a ramp.

Then there’s the trick stick which has either four or eight directions depending on how tricksy the racer is. You swipe and hold this in a direction to perform and hold a trick when in the air or to change lanes when on the ground.

Knowing what the controls are is only half the battle though – you need to know when to use them. This is largely dictated by the mode you’re playing on though. You’ll want to cycle as fast as possible at the beginning of a race, jump off a ramp when performing a trick, swipe down on a ramp when trying to go fast, and hold to gain speed basically any time you’re in a green zone.

Upgrade your equipment

As you complete levels you’ll unlock a steady stream of new equipment. These come in two forms: bike parts and skill badges.

It may seem overwhelming at first but if you pay attention to the type of rider your character is – there’s Slopestyle, Downhill, and Enduro types – you can easily figure out which type of upgrade needs to go where.

Use the type of upgrade that will best upgrade your characters chosen style, basically. It’s as simple as that.

As a side-note, you’ll also want to ensure that your bike is in a good condition at all times by repairing it. This is particularly important for Slopestyle racers who will regularly mess up tricks. That causes more damage.

One rider can’t do it all

Try as you might, one rider can’t do it all in Bike Unchained. You’re going to need at least one specialist for each type of race there is in the game.

You’ll get two for free when you start but will either have to purchase a third or unlock enough obtainium to unlock it using in-game currency. This is easily done by completing new events or old ones with other racers.

You can also watch advertisements for more Obtainium.

Once you have three you should use the one with the highest Slopestyle, Downhill, or Enduro rating depending on the type of event.