These Are The Best Year-End Deals On New Cars, Trucks And SUVs

The big and burly Nissan Titan pickup truck is being offered with the largest cash rebate among our 20 best year-end new-vehicle deals. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The days just ahead are traditionally among the best of the year in which to go car shopping.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day in particular is the period in which car shoppers can strike some of the sweetest new-car deals. Automakers, dealerships, and salespeople will be going all out to obtain bonuses for meeting year-end sales goals. They want to catch consumers still in a spending mood, and capitalize while they can as they face January and February, which are typically the slowest sales months of the year.

Specifically, those who go out car shopping on New Year’s Eve can expect to obtain the deepest discounts of the month, with the next-best days in that regard being December 27-30, and especially Christmas Eve, when few patrons tend to come walking through an auto dealership’s door.

Just about every brand is offering special year-end promotions with rebates, discounted financing and/or cut-rate lease deals. We found no fewer than 50 vehicle lines offering cash back rebates of at least $3,000, with most promoting cash back of at least $500-$1,000. The richest incentives and deepest discounts are among vehicles remaining in stock from the 2018 model-year, especially those that have since been redesigned or discontinued. Unfortunately, you may have to settle on an unpopular color or feature combination, depending on what the dealer still has in inventory.