All-new Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge unveiled

All-new Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge unveiled

Rolls Royce is known for making opulent and bespoke automobiles. Be it a saloon or SUV, each car produced at Goodwood is exceptional, elegant and nothing short of phenomenal. Recently, the manufacturer showed off an all-new Ghost Black Badge. And this newest product is another example of Rolls Royce’ magic touch.

Right Side View

After the Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan, the Ghost is the youngest member of the Black-Badge family. According to Rolls Royce, the Ghost gets the purest black treatment ever in the Black Badge range.

Left Rear Three Quarter

For Rolls Royce, everything is extraordinary – from their cars to their paints. Thus, to make the Ghost Black Badge, the marque is said to have utilised the darkest Black any automobile has ever seen. Moreover, it has made use of 45kg of Black paint for this. Meanwhile, a skilled team has spent five hours hand-polishing the Ghost’s body to attain Rolls Royce’s signature high-gloss paint finish.


Furthermore, the famed Spirit of Ecstacy and Pantheon grille get a darker ‘mirror-black’ chrome finish achieved by hand-polishing. The 21-inch alloy wheels in this Black Badge are a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship. They are made of multiple layers of carbon fibre, forged aluminium hub caps and aerospace-grade titanium fasteners.


Inside, the Ghost Black Badge takes a typical Rolls Royce cabin to the next level. The saloon bears its sumptuous interior and first-class style seating. Having said that, Rolls Royce has created the fascia using multiple materials, including the black Bolivar wood veneer.


The passenger-side of the dashboard area has 850 tiny lights and a light-up Leminscate (an infinity logo). Arguably, it is the second most prominent feature inside the Ghost after the “Shooting Star Starlight Headliner”.

Rear Seats

Being a Rolls Royce, the Ghost Black Badge also gets none other than the 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12 petrol married to an eight-speed automatic. However, this mill is a tuned-up version capable of generating an extra 29bhp and 50Nm. The total power output is now 592bhp and a whopping 900Nm.

Front View

This Black Badge also comes with a Low mode. This mode subtly amplifies the new exhaust system and also increases gear shifting speed by 50 per cent. It also unlocks the full potential of the V12 mill by providing every inch of that 900Nm.

Engine Shot