The 6 Best Future ‘Mask Off’ Remixes

Ricky Saiz

Thanks to a stellar flute accompaniment, Future’s “Mask Off” has become on of the more recognizable tunes of 2017. The unexpected smash helped the Atlanta MC capture the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart — that in itself, a contribution to making chart history. Today (May 5), the rapper has released a high flying, Fast and Furious-twanged music video starring Amber Rose.

Since being released as a single “Mask Off” has peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks in part to a viral challenge. Thanks to the #MaskOff Challenge, flutists to pianists have uploaded their reinterpretations of the song’s instrumental on social media, increasing its streaming viability on various platforms.

It was a matter of time before the dance community hopped in on the action, alongside the MC’s hip-hop peers. DJs and producers around the world have remixed Future’s hit, some building on the inclusion of a flute which others opt to punctuate the words of the drug-dropping chorus. Here are the song’s six best dance remixes.

Los Angeles hip-hop producer (To Pimp A Butterfly, DAMN.) and jazz saxophonist Terrace Martin received mentions at the start of the #MaskedOffChallenge’s rise in popularity. He plays the sax in place of some of the original’s instrumental and incorporates Zapp-hinging reverb and reverse. Simply put, Martin’s remix is Future meets Kendrick Lamar.

Future – “Mask Off” (Nawin Nazary Remix

Future’s hit song has even received a chill house/Buddha lounge remix — this one does not feature the rapper, instead featuring a whispery background vocal.

Future – “Mask Off” (Callum Robinson’s “Molly Percocet Remix”)

Imagine if Flume remixed “Mask Off” with his future bass sound — Callum Robinson provides that giving the club banger a chill house vibe.

Future – “Mask Off” (AVIDD & JUDGE Remix)

“Mask Off” receives a trap bounce in this remix playing off of a grandiose horns breakdown perfect for any twerk-off started by the likes of Iggy Azalea.

Future – “Mask Off” (Stan’s “Hidden Leaf Remix”)

Future’s verses and bars go unchanged as his supporting beat is spiced up with a barrage of hi-hats.