4 used-car segments with ‘interesting’ price strength


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. – Midsize pickup trucks may have had the best used-vehicle price strength last month, but the more intriguing development may be among some slightly larger segments.

According to a Black Book analysis, midsize pickup prices on Dec. 1 were down just 1.1 percent from where they were on Nov. 1. This movement represented the lowest month-over-month depreciation of any segment.

But if you look just a bit deeper into Black Book’s data set, you will see that four full-size vehicle types were among the top segments for retention.

Full-size SUVs were No. 4 on the list, as their values declined just 1.7 percent month-over-month. Coming in at No. 5 were full-size passenger vans, whose values were off 1.9 percent.

Sixth was full-size cargo vans (down 2.0 percent), followed by full-size pickups (down 2.1 percent) at No. 7.

“In analyzing the depreciation patterns this late in the year, it’s interesting to see that many full-size segments are experiencing lower price declines, signaling continued strength for large vehicles,” said Anil Goyal, Black Book’s vice president of automotive valuation and analytics.

The industry overall was down 2.8 percent month-over-month, Black Book said. Car segments dipped 3.1 percent, while trucks were off 2.6 percent.

The vehicles included in Black Book’s data set are from the 2010 through 2014 model years. All 25 segments in the set showed month-over-month price declines. The second-lowest decline was the prestige luxury car (down 1.4 percent), with the compact pickup (down 1.6 percent) in at No. 3.