2015 Ford Figo Hatchback Test Drive Review

2015 Ford Figo in actionLast month Ford impressed us with its compact sedan Figo Aspire and its unbelievably aggressive pricing. Now the American car manufacturer is back with its smaller sibling, a popular name in the hatchback segment – the Figo. This one too carries a cutthroat price to please the masses. We drive it on the streets of Delhi to find out if it is of any match to competition and the tall order set by its predecessor.

2015 Ford Figo Hatchback


In terms of looks, the face of the Ford Figo hatchback seems identical to the larger Figo Aspire sedan. It has similar 4-slat chrome grille and an identical bumper up front. And we aren’t really complaining as we love the bold stance of both these cars. At the back though the story is a bit different. While it doesn’t look disproportionate, the rear styling can not match the aggressive design of the front of the car. In profile though, the Figo with its sharp shoulder line and the distinct character line looks pretty neat. However, we would have loved better looking alloys