10 Step Guide to Learning Rummy All by Yourself

The most common card game played in India is Rummy. People of all ages and stages of life enjoy this card game. If you are still not acquainted with this game, here is a ten-step guide to help you get acquainted with the game. You can use this guide to understand the game of rummy even without the assistance of friends and family.

Learn All Terms Related to Rummy

Before going ahead with understanding the gaming or playing skills, you need to master the different terms that are used in rummy card games. Here we have listed out some of the common terms used:

Life: A combination of a pure sequence and a real sequence are together termed as life in rummy.

Pure Sequence: A sequence made by combining cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order without using jokers is termed as pure sequence.

Real Sequence: Real sequence (alternately termed as artificial sequence) is a sequence made from cards of same sign in ascending or descending order. The real sequence maybe completed by using jokers.

Pulled-out Joker: Apart from the existing jokers in a deck, a card is randomly pulled out of the deck to play the role of a joker. This card is referred to as the pulled-out joker.

First Drop: Once all the cards have been distributed and you have seen your hand, you can decide to quit the game if the chances of winning are bleak. When you quit the game even before the first card is played, it is referred to as first drop.

Second Drop: Once the game has started and a few moves have been played, you realise the scope of winning is less. If you quit the game at this point, it is referred to as second drop. The points charged during second drop is double the points charged during first drop.

Get Acquainted with Cards Used in Rummy

Indian rummy uses all the cards that are present in the deck. The cards from 2 to 5 in value and of different signs are referred to as low point cards. The cards from 6 to 10 have a greater value and are called high point number cards. All the picture cards are also high point cards as they are of 10-point value each.

Understand the Rules of the Rummy Game

There are certain rules that one needs to understand and follow while playing the game of rummy. These rules are regarding the different aspects of the game such as making sequences, making sets, using a joker, creating life or calling it rummy. Unless you understand all these underlying rummy rules, you cannot progress in the game.

Practice Making Sequences in Rummy

Sequences play an important role in rummy card games. You need to work out how to make different sequences and sets in rummy. You need to understand how to arrange the cards of sign in proper order of their value to make a valid sequence. Practice making sequences so that you perfect this art.

Understand the Right Use of Joker in Rummy

Joker is a card that can be used in place of other cards in sequences and sets. Jokers cannot be used to complete pure sequences. These cards play an important role in reducing points and completing one’s hand. That is why a good player of rummy should know the right use of joker.

Find Out Different Ways to Reduce Points in Rummy

Once the life is formed, your next focus is always on reducing points in hand. You need to work out different permutations and combinations to reduce the overall points in the hand. This can mean getting rid of high point cards and making the optimum use of jokers.

View Video Tutorials for Rummy Card Game

Watching rummy tutorials uploaded by Khelplay Rummy can help you understand the game even better. If you had some minor queries, these too can get resolved by watching such videos.

Download Khelplay Rummy App on Your Smartphone Device

Practice makes everyone perfect and the best way to practice rummy is by downloading the Khelplay Rummy app on your device.

Play Rummy Using Practice Chips and See If You Have Queries

Even when you are confident that you have understood the game thoroughly, it makes sense to practice the game a few times on the app. Only then will you understand the right use of practice chips during the game.

Ask Queries Online and Clear Them Before the Actual Game

If any queries arise during the practice games, go ahead and get them cleared. Once all your queries are cleared, go ahead and challenge your opponents in a real chips game.