​Used car guide: Nissan Note (2009 to 2013)


The Nissan Note doesn’t push its way to the front to gain attention but owners will attest that it just works. It’s not glamorous or exciting or nor will it elicit covetous glances, but it’s dependable, practical, and easy to drive.

  • The Note makes buying and running a car as painless as possible, so has become one of Nissan’s best-selling vehicles in the UK.

    This used test starts in 2009, three years after the Note’s launch in the UK. We’re looking at the updated car launched mid-2009. It incorporated changes to the styling, equipment and the efficiency of the engines.

    Revised gear ratios boosted fuel economy and improved emissions of the 1.4 and 1.5dCi models. Further improvements to 2011 petrol-engined Notes made them compliant with Euro 5-emissions.

    The styling changes are the key clue-in that you’re looking at one of the facelifted cars. Look for a chrome strip running along the bottom of the front grille beneath the big Nissan badge. You can’t rely on the trim levels as the old S, SE and SVE trims were replaced by the more lifestyle trim levels that were being rolled out across the Nissan range back in 2009.

    In 2013 the new Note brought more dynamic looks and feel to the model.

    What to look for

    The Note is a very reliable car which runs on mainly tried and tested mechanicals.

    Check for parking damage, ensure the car has a full service history, and buy with confidence.

    The original warranty was three years, so cars out of warranty make decent bargains as owners trade in for newer ones. According to Which? the Note is the 10th most reliable car you can buy in the UK.

    There’s so much that can go wrong with buying a used car that many people are deterred. The Nissan Note’s reliability and practicality mean it’s a car that you can buy used without too much worry.

    They’re usually owned by mature or family buyers who diligently have the cars serviced. Just as long as you don’t chance upon one that’s been ravaged by unruly kids or pets, you shouldn’t go far wrong.