Black Friday 2015: Lincoln used car sales dealership giving up to £500 off each car


 There will be discounts galore on offer at shops and businesses throughout Lincolnshire on Black Friday.

Earlier this week, retail expert Clare Rayner, who lives in Sleaford, explained how customers can bag the best bargains.

She said: “A lot of retailers are spreading their deals out over a number of days so people can go and look at discounts now.

“”It is also likely there will be some good deals with smaller shops as well as the big shops so it is good for people to browse the high street.”

Mrs Rayner said people who are looking for electrical items may find what they want during the sales.

She said: “There are lots of deals on electrical items but the Black Friday sales tend to be less typical in High Street fashion – household items are the ones that are likely to be cheaper.

“I’d advise shoppers to look for items on search engines first to look at what deals are coming up but it is also worth checking with independent retailers to see if they have the item for a cheaper price.”

She also warned shoppers to be aware of online delivery times and that people should not be seduced by amazing offers.

“People often suffer delays with delivery around Black Friday – if someone wants something immediately then shopping on the high street is the best option.

“The deals can be on products which are coming to the end of their life and sometimes the retailers will do a deal with the suppliers so they can clear the old model.

“Don’t be seduced by massive discounts as there could be a reason – it can be used to get rid of old stock so retailers can bring in new stock.

“But if it’s what people want and they are happy with the purchase then that’s fine.”

But Mrs Rayner said despite the big discounts people should not forget about small independent shops.

She said: “It’s not always about big discounts. Smaller retailers can struggle so even though Black Friday is great you shouldn’t blow your entire budget on one big day as you may not have the power to spend what you want later in December.

“Black Friday hurt retailers last year because people spent loads on the day but not afterwards.

“The high street will also run special offers the week before Christmas too.”