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Kendall Jenner Shows Off Expensive New Car After 20th Birthday

Kendall Jenner has reportedly bought herself a fancy birthday present. The model who turned 20 on November 3 showed off her expensive new car while cruising around the town with her pal Hailey Baldwin in a 1957 Corvette Stingray on Tuesday. The classic blue Chevrolet is believed to cost at least $40,000. However, Alex Manos, owner of the Beverly Hills ... Read More »

Strong new car market boosts boosts calls into dealerships

In a like-for-like analysis, Moneypenny compared the numbers of telephone calls answered on behalf of dealerships across 15 brands during September, to call volumes taken for the same dealerships over the preceding month. The data, which recorded all `overflow’ calls answered by Moneypenny’s automotive receptionists, found that while call volumes started to rise significantly during the last week in August, the largest ... Read More »

New car sales soar by 30% so far in 2015 and the drive is expected to continue

New car sales have rocketed by 30% so far this year and are expected to surge by another 20% in 2016, industry bosses revealed today. And sleepy Leitrim recorded the biggest county-by-county boom, selling 44.6% more 2015-reg motors. Wexford , on the other hand, showed the slowest growth with a sales boost of 15.4%. The Society of the Irish Motor ... Read More »

New car gizmos can’t stop per capita auto sales decline

For the last several years car manufacturers have been trying to attract car buyers by equipping their new vehicles with a plethora of dazzling innovations such as rear-view cameras, built-in night vision,and global positioning systems. Judging by per capita new car sales figures, these efforts have largely failed. Americans are far less likely to buy a new automobile than they ... Read More »

Why the Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive car to own in the world

Unlike Ace Hood, I’ve never had the pleasure of unexpectedly waking up in a new Bugatti. Which works out well for me because the upkeep and maintenance on Bugatti’s high-performance cars are enough to make them prohibitively expensive for most everyone on the planet. Just this past week, Floyd Mayweather dropped a hefty $3.5 million on a brand-new 2015 Bugatti Veyron ... Read More »

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible | new car sales price

Land Rover gives us our first look and announces Australian price and spec for the upcoming Range Rover Evoque Convertible. You’d have to say it’s not a title that’s been fiercely contested, but “most capable all-terrain convertible in the world” is how Range Rover describes its first ever rag top, a roofless Evoque. With such a stunning roofline, it seems ... Read More »

Why the End of 2015 Will Be an Awesome Time to Buy a New Car

Tesla Recalls 90,000 Vehicles Over Seat Belt Issue Volkswagen Will Cut $1 Billion in Spending After Cheating Scandal Microsoft Is Developing Driverless Car Technology With Volvo While there is no 100% guaranteed absolute best time of year to buy a car, the last couple of months in the calendar are always in the discussion in terms of finding the best ... Read More »

Toyota reveals new car with engine outside the bonnet

If you’re one of those people who always wonder what’s under the bonnet, then the new concept from Toyota is for you. Because the engine is outside the bonnet. So are the suspension arms, the fuel tank and the exhaust system. Surprisingly the inside doesn’t feature the great outdoors. But then again it doesn’t feature much else. There are three ... Read More »

Your Domino’s pizza just got this cool new ride

‘This is not the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile,’ exec says. Domino’s Pizza DPZ 0.43% has unveiled a new ride that comes equipped with the capacity to hold dozens of pizzas, and even keep them warm. Franchisees will soon have the opportunity to deliver pizza with the Domino’s DXP, a car that can carry 80 boxes and comes equipped with an oven. ... Read More »

Jeremy Clarkson takes thinly veiled shot at BBC in new Amazon commercial

Jeremy Clarkson’s headed to Amazon Video next year with a new car show that also stars his former Top Gear cohorts Richard Hammond and James May. But before that as-yet-untitled program launches, he’s doing a bit of advertising for his new employer — and trolling his old one in the process. In a new commercial that’ll debut during the Rugby World ... Read More »