Your Domino’s pizza just got this cool new ride


‘This is not the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile,’ exec says.

Domino’s Pizza DPZ 0.43% has unveiled a new ride that comes equipped with the capacity to hold dozens of pizzas, and even keep them warm.

Franchisees will soon have the opportunity to deliver pizza with the Domino’s DXP, a car that can carry 80 boxes and comes equipped with an oven.

“Even though Domino’s deliveries will still primarily be made in the personal cars of delivery drivers, the Domino’s DXP represents an innovative leap into the 21st century and takes delivery to a new level of efficiency and quality,” said Domino’s U.S. president Russell Weiner in a statement.

“‘This is not a gimmick,” he added. “This is not the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.”

The cars, however, come at a steeper price than previous versions of Domono’s-branded cars. The Daily Mail reports that the cars will cost around $20,000 to $25,000 versus the current $12,000 model.