Yamaha FZ-S FI10,000km long term report


Yamaha FZ-S FIMy daily commute of close to 60km meant that the Yamaha FZ-S FI crossed the 10,000km landmark in the seventh month since the bike was allotted to me. I must say that despite the 10,000km marathon, the Yamaha FZ-S FI doesn’t doesn’t show many signs of wear and tear. The comfortable riding posture of the bike meant that I didn’t feel much tired despite my tedious commute to office and back. It isn’t exactly commuterish as the wide handle bar and slightly rear-set footpegs result in a sporty and comfortable riding position. Another highlight of the Yamaha FZ-S FI is its handling dynamics which I adored from the first day itself. Recently I got an opportunity to ride to Lavasa and the wide tread rear tyre allowed me to lean the bike into the corners without much effort. And I personally feel that the Yamaha FZ-S FI has to be among the sweetest handling 150cc motorcycle on sale in our market.  The new fuel-injected powerplant does feel a bit underpowered when compared to its rivals but it scores highly on the refinement level.  Another impressive feature of the Yamaha FZ-S FI is its comfortable rear seat that was appreciated by my friends.

Coming to the negatives, the headlight has started to flicker sometimes which is irksome. Also the rear tyre hugger has started to rattle owing to some loosened bolts. The biggest shortcoming on the Yamaha FZ-S FI is its hard suspension setup. This stiff nature of the suspension is helpful while going corner hunting but on the dilapidated roads of Mumbai it feels uncomfortable. The bike continues to return a steady 46kmpl overall. Given the fact that it has breached the 10,000km mark a visit to the service station is due and we hope post the servicing most of the grievances gets resolved.