What Google CEO Sundar Pichai said about Android’s future in India

NEW DELHI: India is one of the largest growth markets for the search giant Google globally, said the company’s India-born CEO Sundar Pichai. On a two-day visit to the country, Pichai said that by 2016 India will have more Android users than the US.

Stressing on importance of internet connectivity, he said that it is critical to spread the reach of internet across the country. And in this, “Mobile internet can be a game changer,” Pichai said. “Our focus on bringing internet access to everyone, making sure our products are working for them in a meaningful way and then ensure our platform allows them to add their voice to the internet,” Google CEO said.

This is Chennai-born Pichai’s first visit to India — in fact his first overseas trip — after he took over as CEO of the restructured Google in August. Pichai said that Google’s rural internet programme will move from pilot to full scale programme in 300,000 villages in India. The company will help women from 3 lakh villages across India to get online in three years. ​

Pichai said as part of Google’s efforts to help women get online, the company is expanding bicycle for women programme nationally.

This is part of the US-based firm’s focus on bringing internet to everyone in India, which has the world’s second largest population.

Google CEO also announced that the company will build new campus and ramp up engineering presence in Hyderabad to make products for India. The search giant will also up hiring in Bengaluru.

Regarding the company’s partnership with Indian Railways to provide Wi-Fi at 400 stations, Pichai said that 100 railway stations will have Wi-Fi by December 2016. Mumbai Central will be the first railway station to get Wi-Fi.