Volkswagen Will Release New Car Concept For CES Event Next Year


Over the past few months there have been rumors about famous car brand Volkswagen reviving the once famous Microbus look. But just a few days ago, the company announced an entirely new concept for the car.

The new model that is expected to be released within the coming years is highly anticipated as the revival of the classic Microbus style that is once famous in the car industry. But recent teaser photos proved that wrong. The new car from what it looks like will have a more futuristic design, complete with illuminated grille and squinting headlights.

In a press release, Volkswagen announced that it will instead present an entirely new concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show or better known as CES that will take place on Jan. 6 to 9, 2016. It is also reported that the Chairman for Volkswagen’s Passengers Brand Dr. Herbert Diess will hold the very important keynote on the evening right before the conference starts. The company also announced during its press release that Dr. Diess’s speech will concentrate on the latest developments in electro-mobility that the company has achieved and will also discuss the next generation of connectivity.

The company’s decision to present a new car concept in 2016 is a move that will enable it to discuss the major changes that the car will go through within the next few years. The design will also mark the start of a new era where Volkswagen will offer affordable and long-distance electro-mobility for the consumers. The new car’s innovative features will also demonstrate what consumers can expect for the years to come.

Volkswagen will also present a quick look at all the developments it has done so far on the in-car infotainment that is very close to being launched in the market. These forms of innovations are believed to soon make their way toward the car company’s already impressive body of work.