Volkswagen to recall 389 Polo cars for handbrake issue

The details are here finally and Volkswagen India will recall 389 Polo cars which were manufactured in the month of September 2015 for inspection and preventive repair of the handbrake mechanism. The Quality Assurance department of Volkswagen India has determined that under certain conditions, the handbrake mechanism would lose effectiveness. The analysis which has been performed by Volkswagen has shown that a batch of handbrake cable retention levers in the rear brake liner might break under certain conditions. This was the reason why yesterday, deliveries were stopped of the Polo hatch.

So the owners of the cars would be contacted by the Volkswagen dealers to come for an inspection and preventive repair and these repairs will be carried out at no cost to the customer. This operation will start with immediate effect. Volkswagen says that this will take 1 hour. As for the deliveries of the identified Polo cars in stock which had been put on hold yesterday, it will be resumed once the necessary inspection and then if identified, the repair work done. As said yesterday deliveries for the non-impacted Polo range continue as per schedule and as you can see it is not related to the global diesel engine issue.