Volkswagen India strengthens its used car business: Introduces Das WeltAuto 3.0


Volkswagen India, the Indian arm of the German brand has announced that it plans to emphasise its focus on the used car business in India. Through the Das WeltAuto 3.0 (DWA) programme, Volkswagen India aims to provide a more transparent, professional and organised outlet for people who are looking to buy a used or pre-owned vehicle or sell their existing one. Through the Das WeltAuto 3.0, Volkswagen India will not only cater to selling pre-owned Volkswagens but other brands as well. Through the DWA, the German brand claims that it will be able to offer competitive prices with certified pre-owned vehicles in addition to accessories, service and even warranty packages on all pre-owned models it sells through the platform. Volkswagen has a network of 150 DWA multi-brand pre-owned vehicle sales outlets across the country.

Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India, Steffen Knapp said, “Through the Das WeltAuto facilities and the business peripherals attached to it, Volkswagen aims to shift the used car business segment from an unorganised to organised segment. We intend to offer a digitally enabled, professionally managed, value for money proposition to customers looking for individual mobility options. We are confident DWA will gain the momentum and be relevant in the post COVID era”

Additionally, Volkswagen has started to digitise the process. Volkswagen India has introduced a new dedicated website for its used car business that it aims will allow its prospective users to buy and sell vehicles from the dedicated website. Along with the website, the brand has also launched the DWA smartphone application. Though the app, customers can self evaluate their existing vehicle, and the evaluation will be provided by the algorithm that works according to the Indian Blue Book. Volkswagen aims to make the DWAs a one-stop solution for buying and selling of all brand pre-owned cars while allowing customers to make informed decisions. Volkswagen India believes that in the post-COVID-19 era, there will be a shift from shared mobility towards individual mobility, which is why it has decided to strengthen the DWA pre-owned arm of its business in India.

source: financialexpress