Urus to drive future growth of Lamborghini in India

Italian super sports car maker Lamborghini expects its premium luxury SUV Urus to drive future growth in India with the model accounting for 50 percent of its sales in the country, a senior company official said. The company, which delivered its 50th Urus in India last year, has an eight-month waiting period on the model at present.

“Urus is playing a big role and is contributing 50% of our business. Order bank is still very healthy for the car,” Lamborghini India Head Sharad Agarwal told PTI.

He further said, “Our future growth in India will also be largely driven by Urus while sportscar will remain at the core of our operations.”

The company sold a total of 52 units in India last year as compared to 45 units in 2018.

Explaining why the Urus will become the mainstay for Lamborghini in India, Agarwal said, “We have not seen the sports car segment growing at a very fast pace. Urus is helping us bring new customers from premium luxury sedans and SUVs, customers who were not earlier in super luxury segment.”

The model has also brought in a whole new set of buyers who are first time buyers of the Lamborghini brand.

“What we are seeing is the newer set of people, first-time buyers of Lamborghini are further growing from earlier 70 per cent to around 75-80 per cent. It (Urus) is actually helping us expand to reach new segment. Plus it is also helping us to expand the super luxury segment,” he said.

Reflecting on how well has Urus been received in India, Agarwal said, “The model is still on eight months waiting period. In 2019 we delivered the 50th Urus in India, in flat one year of sales of the car, which means we were delivering one Urus every week in its first year of sales in India. That’s a big achievement in super luxury segment.”

He further said due to Urus the overall usage pattern of Lamborghini cars in India among its customers are changing.

“Customers are really loving the car (Urus). On an average we have our cars which are doing around 2,500 km a year and with Urus we are on an average clocking around 8,000 km. So, people are really using the car and they are coming with different set of expectation from the car,” Agarwal said.

In India Lamborghini sells its sports cars such as Huracan and Aventador range along with the Urus.