Toyota reveals new car with engine outside the bonnet


If you’re one of those people who always wonder what’s under the bonnet, then the new concept from Toyota is for you. Because the engine is outside the bonnet. So are the suspension arms, the fuel tank and the exhaust system. Surprisingly the inside doesn’t feature the great outdoors. But then again it doesn’t feature much else.

There are three seats, and a very minimalist dashboard, with a few analogue round dials and that’s about it. You’ll be searching in vain for the infotainment screen or the buttons for the stereo.

The idea, according to Toyota, is to allow people to appreciate the beauty, simplicity and fascinating motion of the machine and all its parts. Or, as they put it: “While most vehicles conceal their inner workings beneath smooth sheet metal, this concept encourages us to appreciate the complex beauty of the mechanical aspects of cars”.