This Sweet Motorized Cart Details The Cars At The LA Auto Show


If you do it right, detailing cars takes time. It takes a lot of time. So what if you’re detailing hundreds of LA Auto Show floor cars like George Perez of Executive Auto Grooming? Then you you’ve got to think of ways to save yourself time in the process. Enter the completely badass and one-of-a-kind detailing race cart.

At first glance, this cart might more at home on pit lane during a race weekend, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice the vacuum hose extending from the rear, the various detailing products lined at the top, and the oh-so-cool radio disguised as air-conditioning vents on the sides. Then, it all starts to make sense.

George built this cart to save himself, and his company, time and energy while detailing cars on the show floor. He’s one of the preferred detailing companies for big events like the LA Auto Show, and lugging all the necessary equipment from one area of the show to the next gets really old, really quickly. So he made this uber-cool cart to make it easy. It’s brilliant.