The Top 5 Tips for buying a used Car in Liverpool


Despite the on-going controversy that has engulfed the Volkswagen brand in Germany, European car sales rose by an impressive 9.8% during September. The UK market played a prominent role in this growth, with new and used cars selling at an increased rate nationwide. Buying a used car is something of an art-form, especially if you purchase from a private vendor rather than a dealership.


5 Top Tips for buying a Second Hand car

Whether you visit a dealership in-person or buy privately through a website, however, you will need to keep the following points in mind: –

1. Choose a Reputable Source

 This is particularly important for online consumers, as there are minimal barrier to entry when listing items for sale on some website. It is therefore crucial that you target reputable, established and specialist automotive sites such as Exchange and Mart, which have strict rules for vendors regarding quality.

2.Use Filters when choosing Cars in your Area

 Another key feature of sites such as Exchange and Mart is that they feature advanced filters, enabling customers to search for specific models, price points and geographical locations. The latter point is particularly important, as the cost of transporting vehicles from outside of your local area can be prohibitive and should be avoided at all costs if you are to achieve value for money.

3. Choose a payment plan that suits your Circumstances

 If you are undecided as to which medium to source and purchase your car through, you will need to consider your financial circumstances before making an informed decision. Cash buyers will be better served by purchasing a car online, as price points are usually more competitive and negotiable among private vendors. Those with larger budgets and positive credit scores may need to secure a finance agreement to purchase their car, and in this instance private dealerships offers better value.

4. Consider whether your car can be used in exchange

 Across both mediums, you may have the option of offering your car and cash in exchange for a new vehicle. This helps to reduce the price point of your chosen car, although it depends primarily on the condition and remaining value in your existing vehicle. Private dealers are also renowned for offering low-value part exchange deals, so consider this carefully before proceeding.

5. Negotiate wherever Possible

While negotiation is not always possible when striking a finance deal with dealers, it can be a Godsend for private buyers. By using an element of the deal or potential issue with the car as leverage, you can drive down the cost of the model and achieve even better value for your hard-earned cash. This requires skill and diligence, however, while you must be prepared to fight hard for a good deal.