The Joker Of ‘Suicide Squad’ Has A New Car!

The vehicles driven by superheroes are as popular as the superheroes themselves. Who can forget the Batmobile driven by the iconic superhero Batman, to the Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr which incorporated hotcolours. It can be easily said that these comic book characters and their sports cars go hand in hand.

According to, when superheroes are getting so sophisticated, villains too have to adapt themselves according to the new changes. A video has emerged recently that showcase the dedication and the hard work that is going down in making the ride for The Joker for the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad” from filmmaker David Ayer.

According to the reports revealed by The Fox news, the car for Suicide Squad Joker has been created from ground zero by a resident from Florida named Matt MacEntagart. The person was contacted much before the production of the movie started, to start out with the designing and ultimate building of the car, which is to be used by the villain of “Suicide Squad.” Here, the villain we are referring to is no less notorious than Clown Prince of Crime.

According to, the profession of MacEntegart is to build “kit cars,” which are described to be kits, that are highly modifiable and the ones that can be placed on cars frames that are relatively cheap. By this kind of modification, he is able to come out with cars that have the appearance and style of the brands that are at the highest end.

According to reports, “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be released earlier and we will get to see a totally different Batmobile in it, however, viewers all around are curious to learn about the new driving vehicle for The Joker.

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