The Best Car Blogs


The 6 Best Car Blogs You Should Follow

The best car blogs to follow are mentioned here in this article. Cars and bikes are generally known as the big boys’ toys. But everyone loves cars. Everyone dreams of having a car. Even when people are buying a home for their family they also consider the parking space required to park a car. Buying a car is not a thing for people but a dream. And there are numerous companies who can help fulfill this dream. Also along with car companies there are many websites and blogs that update us with all the recent trends in the automobile industry helping us to choose the right car. In this article we will try to know such bloggers.

Top 10 Car Blogs to Follow

The list of best car blogs to follow is mentioned below:

1. Auto Blogs

This blog site does top the list because of its aesthetic website and its strong base of news. When you visit the site the top part of the screen is consumed by a slide show displaying ten latest exotic cars. As you scroll up you are greeted by all the latest news regarding automobile sector and cars. These news are categorized using key words like Official, Breaking etc. below this is the section where the website asks the reader to select options or specifications he is expecting in a car.

After giving the input the next option is to select the price range of the car according to your budget. The next input page appears where in you are supposed to select the type of seating you are expecting in your automobile. And when you hit the GO icon the page displays all the cars that fit into the filters chosen. The whole system is very user friendly and anybody can use without help or support. The later part of the site is consumed by the reviews section. Here you can read the latest reviews of the latest cars brought in the market.

2. Motoroctane

The blog that tops this list in India is Motoroctane. Similar to Auto Blog, Motoroctane also welcome us visitors with a slideshow of five slides dedicated to vehicles running on engine and motor. Although Motoroctane focuses majorly on automobile news, it also provides us with news related to two-wheelers. The dropdown menu available in the upper left corner of the website offers various options to the user. The menu has options like Upcoming, Car Comparison Bike Comparison, Reviews and Videos. This site can be handy for the people who plan to buy a car also to them planning to buy a two-wheeler. Also the site has its own automobile articles focusing on car details and their impact on the market. They post articles and news as the events occurs. At times they post 2-3 articles on a single day if important.

3. The Truth About Cars

This the blog site that not only focuses on car reviews, product reviews but also focuses on car products and accessories. This site has a blog, forums and latest news all dedicated to automobile sector. Like Motoroctane it does not give out information related to two-wheelers and concentrates only on cars. Its dropdown menu consists a section titled ‘Tips and Advice’. It delivers information regarding buying used cars, best inverters for car and also how to sell your car. They upload blogs on daily basis.

The site is well designed in such an order that the visitor can read the latest as well as news that are a year or two old. They have a huge team of writers because they can post as much as ten blogs on a single day. They provide the name of the author and time the time of upload just below the article’s title. This helps the reader know how latest the news is.

4. Automoblog

Automoblog is also like other blog sites that provide the reader with car related articles and news. The site also provides us with two themes, the dark and the light. The site has a ‘How To’ option in its dropdown menu. This option is the gateway to that section of the site where you are introduced to articles like How to make your car last longer, How to ship your car across the country, how to dog-proof your car and many other articles.

I personally found this section quite unique and interesting. The ‘Shopping’ section brings you articles that help you when you decide to buy a car. It has articles like should you buy a car over the holidays, Should you buy car parts online and many more that can prove useful. The section named ‘Car Love’ schools us customers in how to keep our cars clean, when to change tires of the car, polishing your car and other articles on maintaining the car.

5. Green Car Reports

This a site dedicated for those customers who wish to protect the nature and environment along with buying a car. They can get to know more about electric cars, fuel economy, new technologies etc. when we enter the site we really feel soothing due to the color theme used by the developers. The site has a theme of white and green color with articles written in black. It feels pleasant when surfing through the site. It has separate sections like Electric cars, Alternate fuels, Hybrids and Green cars. And the articles in these sections not only update you with respective section, but also give out positive vibes. Because by following these guidelines we are protecting the nature. They also upload articles on a daily basis along with the date just below the article’s title.

6. Car Blogs

This site focuses on cars as well as two-wheelers. They also provide the users with comparison section where various varieties of cars are compared among themselves. This helps customers to choose the best car for their family. The site strives to bring reliable and authentic news related to the Automobile sector for the readers. They also display news regarding two-wheelers and new launches. Before you buy a car or a two-wheeler, I suggest you visit this site once. The site doesn’t mention the author and date of the article on the thumbnail. One has to open the article in order to know how latest the news is.

7. Car and Driver

The site uses bright color theme with a white background which brings a sense of encouragement to buy a car. The site features all new cars. The dropdown menu has many sections in the site. The Buyer’s Guide section answers all the questions of the buyer related to buying a car. They provide us with general comparisons like SUV vs. Minivan and Hatchback vs. Sedan about which people are mostly confused. It also has a section dedicated to reviews on new and latest cars. They provide detailed car-buying guidance as their experts drive every car entering the market before they give the review. They also upload their blogs on a daily basis but you have to open the article to know the date of upload as it is not mentioned on the thumbnail.

8. Good Car Bad Car

I was quite attracted to this site when I read the subheading ‘Automotive sales data and statistics’. This blog site is quite unique when compared to others. The site provides sales reports of cars in United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The sales figures can be obtained by brand, by market and by year in the three regions mentioned above. By going through these reports we customers can get an idea of which cars do people prefer buying. We also get an idea of the sales in specific years to educate ourselves when to buy and when not to buy car. This a site every car enthusiast must follow to keep him updated with the automobile industry.

9. The Weekly Driver

The weekly driver site provides car addicts with podcasts, videos, reviews and news on a regular basis. The site also provides us with information related to upcoming events related to automobiles. The blog also releases podcasts on all type of automobiles including hybrid and electric cars. They post all the latest news related to automobile and at times the difference between the posts is about 4 days. Also the website has advertisements.  The overall blog site design is attractive with clear images and article titles clearly visible.

10. Car Gurus Blog

The blog site brings us all the latest automobile and technology related news at our fingertips. The dropdown menu has a section titled Tech+Cars which displays news containing technological findings and their impact on the automobile sector. The site design is quite simple and easy to use. They also provide us with video reviews about cars. The site also has a section to let us know about the cars that are for sale. Also you can sell your car through this portal. And even these portals are pretty easy to use.

Before you set out to buy a car I feel it is quite important to visit such sites. Because they provide us with tremendous amount of knowledge related to cars. These sites let you know the technologies being used in the cars. They also make us aware of upcoming cars so that we do not end up buying old models. One should visit such sites even after buying a car. Because almost all the blog sites provide articles related to car maintenance also. They also contain articles on some dos and don’ts after buying a car.