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2016 Detroit Auto Show: Coverage of Every Debut, News, Photos, and More

Although Lexus is careful to avoid using the “sports car” tag to describe the LC500, the car nevertheless is possessed of some very sports-car-like qualities: The engine sits behind the centerline of the front axle, the wheels are pushed out to the corners, the driver’s hip point was “engineered to be as close as possible to the vehicle’s center of ... Read More »

The Force 1 Bound for 2016 Detroit Auto Show

DETROIT — The Force 1, a new high-performance car from designer Henrik Fisker, will debut on January 12 at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The two-seater will go on sale in April, with a limited production run of up to 50 units. Fisker said The Force 1 will be based on an existing front/midengine rear-drive American car and will be ... Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover to Miss 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Tata owned British manufacturing group, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), will not be attending next year’s Detroit Auto Show and will instead concentrate on other global shows. Based on their research, the company believes that its time will be better spent at shows that are more in tune with the company’s marketing strategy. Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs for ... Read More »