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MG6 DTi (2015) review

In giving the MG6 a rare positive review back in July 2013 we warned readers to ‘dismiss it at your peril’. Clearly, you’re not averse to a bit of peril, as all of you, plus nearly everybody else, duly dismissed it. Undaunted, and buoyed by the much better-received MG3 model, MG6 bounces back with an aggressive price cut, a redesigned ... Read More »

BMW 340i (2015) review

It has changed. Honestly, it has. A second, or maybe third glance, reveals this as the revamped BMW 3-series, fresh from one of the lighter mid-life facelifts you’ll see. New LED lamps and slightly different bumpers front and rear are the main visible updates, while altered suspension, rejigged power steering and a fresh family of engines lie beneath the surface. ... Read More »

Porsche Cayman 2015 Review

Porsche’s Cayman GTS won our Australia’s Best Driver’s Cars award earlier this year, and the base model and mid-range Cayman S are worthy stablemates. But there’s trouble brewing for Porsche’s small sports car, which is anticipated to adopt turbocharged four-cylinder power next year. At that time it’s speculated the Cayman will be repositioned below the Boxster, having relinquished its performance ... Read More »