Strangers surprise man with new car after seeing him walk home from work


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Robert Ford couldn’t contain himself when a couple he had just met surprised him with a new car.

According to KUTV, Darilyn and Sean Merrill had only given Ford a ride home a few days before when they decided to raise money to buy Ford a car.

“I thought they were full of it. I didn’t think it was real,” Ford said.

It started a few days back with the Merrills driving home and seeing Ford walking with his lunch box. They pulled over to ask him if they could give him a ride. Ford declined at first, but Darliyn insisted.

During the ride, Ford told them about his more than 2-hour commute on public transportation each way from his custodian job. This day he had missed his bus, forcing him to walk home.

Ford shared that his car had just broken down last year. “We were thinking we are blessed. We have so much,” Darilyn told KUTV.

That’s when Darilyn and Sean started a GoFundMe account, raising enough money in just a few days for both a car and insurance.

“Maybe they saw something in Robert they’ve experienced in their own lives,” Sean said.

Sean, who is a mechanic, bought the car at an auction and fixed up the little things himself.

“We want him to feel like he can succeed and provide for himself,” Darilyn said.

Ford’s commute is now only about a half hour with his new ride.

“I’m a total stranger and they did this for me. It blows my mind,” said Ford.