Should you buy an old used car?


When you’re shopping for a car there are many things you need to take into consideration before making the final decision and sign the dotted line. Before you start shopping, you should determine what you’re looking for in your next ride. Are you looking for performance, space, efficiency, safety features or more? The easiest way to find the right car for you is by determining these things before starting your car shopping process; especially when you’re shopping with a budget.

Sometimes when you’re shopping on a budget a new car isn’t an option. However, there are many reliable and affordable used cars in Orlando. Though when you’re shopping for an Orlando used car there are some things you need to consider. One question that may be a bit more challenging to answer is, how old is too old to buy?

It would be easier to say that there’s an exact age limit, but there isn’t! There are multiple factors that determine if a car is deemed unsafe and too old to drive. Our used car dealership in Orlandowants to help ease your car buying process. These are a few things you should consider before getting behind the wheel of a used car in Orlando.


Before getting into pre-owned vehicle ask to see the history and service record reports. You should always request it! This will help you see how the car was taken care of and if the previous owner has kept up with the routine maintenance. Knowing how the car was maintained will help you determine if the car will need any major auto repairs in the near future.


One thing to check with the service records is if any parts were replaced or if any parts need to be replaced. You should also ask if there are any warranties with the car. The last thing you’d want is to replace a part and lose the warranty because of it.


Knowing both the maintenance report and checking on the parts will help you determine if the car is reliable. If the car has been in collision or has had parts replaced, you might want to know more about it to determine if it’s safe. If it was kept in good condition you’re probably safe! If the Carfax report shows that it has had a rough past, then you might be getting into an unsafe car.