Qualcomm Will Continue to Supply Chips to Apple Despite Lawsuit


Qualcomm Will Continue to Supply Chips to Apple Despite Lawsuit: Report

Even though Apple has sued Qualcomm for nearly $1 billion over royalties, the US chip-maker reportedly does not intend to stop doing business with the iPhone maker, a media report said.

According to a report in tech website Re/Code, Qualcomm has said that Apple was trying to turn a simple contract dispute into a regulatory issue.

Qualcomm was considering filing its own lawsuits in response, whether in the US or elsewhere, as well as trying to get Apple’s case dismissed, the report noted.

Apple alleged that Qualcomm did not give fair licensing terms for its processor technology.

Apple also said Qualcomm sought to punish it for cooperating in a South Korean investigation into Qualcomm’s licensing practices by withholding a $1 billion rebate.

“For many years Qualcomm has unfairly insisted on charging royalties for technologies they have nothing to do with,” Apple said in a statement.

“The more Apple innovates with unique features such as TouchID, advanced displays, and cameras, to name just a few, the more money Qualcomm collects for no reason and the more expensive it becomes for Apple to fund these innovations,” a CNET report said, quoting the statement.

While Apple uses its homegrown processors to power the iPhone, it relies on modem chips from Qualcomm especially in the US.