Progress report: we compare Honda models old and new


Honda Progress Report

We look at how Honda’s cars have evolved by comparing six of its class leaders at launch with their modern equivalents

Time doesn’t stand still in the car market, and innovation can soon be made to look out of date. But is this really the case with the most pioneering models in Honda’s history?

We’ve picked out six cars that set new standards at launch – for their performance, tech, practicality or just for creating a new niche – and compared them to the modern-day equivalent in the range.

• We look at Honda’s greatest tech innovations

In some cases, there are decades between the cars in our head-to-heads, and in many ways it shows. But it must be refreshing to the people behind some of these classic models that much of the technology still stands up to scrutiny today.

There’s everything from the iconic Honda NSX from the nineties, to the practical Jazz hatchback and eco Insight.

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