Nissan Juke Stinger Editions brighten up Los Angeles

A Nissan Juke Stinger Edition at the LA Auto ShowNissan is showcasing its Color Studio program at the Los Angeles Auto Show, featuring two Juke models decked out in black and yellow. The Color Studio allows buyers to customize many trim pieces on the Juke (and now the Versa Note) and these special new Stinger Editions are designed to showcase that.

One of these Stinger Editions is a yellow on black build while the other is a black on yellow design. Designated the Juke Black Stinger Edition by Color Studio and the Yellow Stinger Edition by Color Studio, the two packages will be offered in Nissan dealers in January 2016 at a US$990 premium over the base 2016 Juke SV price.

The Juke Yellow Stinger Edition starts with a base coat of bright yellow paint. On that, black-painted outside mirrors, door handles, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a black rear spoiler are added. Yellow front and rear bumper accents are also added. Inside, yellow adorns the center console, power window switch plates, air vent rings, steering wheel stitching, shift knob accent, and cloth door trim inserts. The seating is black with yellow accents and stitching.

The Black Stinger Edition is similar, with a black paint base upon which yellow-painted outside mirrors, door handles, and rear spoiler are added. The wheels are black, and yellow accents on the bumpers are also added. The interior looks the same as the Yellow Stinger.

Additional Color Studio accessories can also be optioned, including a hatch handle finish, lower hatch accent, side door sills, headlight trim rings, floor mats, and yellow center caps for the wheels. Nissan says that the Stinger Edition Jukes will be limited in production, but has not said exactly ow limited.